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Prophet Bushiri denies impregnating Mukupe's 'wife'

by Staff reporter
07 Mar 2020 at 13:22hrs | Views
Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church leader Shepherd Bushiri testified at the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights (CRL Rights Commission). Photo: Jonisayi Maromo / ANA

Terence Mukupe's ex has also warned him to stop spreading ‘misguided information' about her, including that they were even married in the first place.
Enlightened Christian Gathering leader Shepherd Bushiri has denied impregnating former Zimbabwean deputy finance minister Terence Mukupe's wife, Rachel J.

Bushiri said the allegations were based on screenshots of messages purportedly between him and Rachel, adding that he had not been on WhatsApp or iMessenger for the past three years.

"Secondly, I have not travelled out of South Africa in the last 13 months, and therefore have not met this man's wife in Malawi as he believes. This ought to be public knowledge. Thirdly the contact number in his pictures is not mine and has never been mine. Therefore whoever was speaking with this man's wife isn't me," said Bushiri in a statement.

Bushiri further called on Mukupe to respect his wife and protect his family against abuse that may arise from him telling the world his wife was allegedly impregnated by another man.

"For him to tell the whole world that his wife was impregnated by another man paints him in bad light but also opens his wife to all forms of abuse. A man has a duty and obligation to protect his wife and Terence must not open her up to abuse and name calling.

"I call on him to respect my family and everyone else. These false allegations stay on the internet forever and will harm many lives. If they were true it would make sense. But these are lies. To sue him, win and take money from him would be unfortunate, as he is already doing all this to me for money. Sir, fear God!"

Rachel J also responded to allegations made by her former partner and told him to stop bothering her about "a baby you claim in the public is not yours … I'm capable enough of taking care of my child".

"Stop spreading misguided information to the public because I will correct you on the same platform … no hard feelings."

Her family released a statement and said she had never in fact been married in the first place, also denying allegations she was ever impregnated by Bushiri.

"These allegations are unequivocally false, totally unsubstantiated and uncorroborated, and it's a malicious and desperate attack on Rachel J and our family.

"What annoys us is the fact that Terence continues to deny this child in public while privately he and his family are requesting to be a part of this child's life, claiming it's theirs.

"Rachel J was never married to Terence Mukupe, formally or customarily. The claims being levelled at Rachel J, of being impregnated by Prophet Bushiri. are unbelievable with his evidence stating that they met in 2018; how is it possible for her to carry a pregnancy for two years?

"We are confidently waiting for Terence Mukupe to go for a DNA test. Terence's statement that Rachel asked for forgiveness is false."

Source - sowetan

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