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Runyoka used on cheater, man has erection for a month

by Staff reporter
06 Feb 2020 at 19:47hrs | Views
AN Eastview man has been having continuous erections for the past four weeks in a case of suspected runyoka.

Michael Phiri (37) is reported to have been having sex with Regy Jaji, 41, before he was allegedly trapped with the central locking runyoka juju such that he is unable to sleep, walk and is sweating day and night over bedding his neighbour's wife.

He said he had been bedding the woman since October last year before he was caught pants down by her husband Justin Chokore, 36, popularly known as Madzibaba Angrom in Eastview.

Phiri told H-Metro that his private parts started swelling and itching four weeks ago but it wasn't an ongoing thing, until the last seven days when he had pains non-stop.

"It started swelling for the past four weeks and zvairwadzira kure but kutanga last week zvanga zvava serious, haisi kurara nhengo yangu.

"I consulted many prophets but it didn't change anything, until Madzibaba Angrom sent someone to tell me that he is the one responsible for the erection and he demanded some money from me.

"I gave him 300 bond at first sezvo anga ati ndiko kuti andisunungure, he demanded imwe 200 bond and 10USD but nanhasi nhengo yakangomira".

He told H-Metro how he ended up having an affair with Jaji as well as how they had sex.

"Mukadzi uyu anga aine chikwereti changu che chibage 37 bond so she said that she did not have the money ndipo paakati huyai henyu murare neni and we had sex ipapo chete.
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"I do not know how her husband bewitched me because I am in serious pain that forced me to invite my relatives including my mother to see the unending erection.

"He must have done something really serious because the pain is unbearable," he said.

Phiri's wife Nyarai Gora, 34, told H-Metro that she is scared of having sex with him in this state as she fears losing her life.

"We have been experiencing sleepless nights as my husband undergoes a mysterious pain and demanding to have sex," said Gora.

"I do not feel like having sex with him since the erection and appetite for sex is being caused by charms.

"We engaged our church leaders since my husband is a secretary under Holy Apostolic church and consulted other people for help but all in vain.

"We have used every dollar in our coffers including buying a knobkerrie, a spear, needles, black cloth Madzibaba claimed would be used in his prayers to relieve pain and stop erection.

"Madzibaba never showed us the items he asked us to buy since he is the one who was selling the items he demanded apart from the money he asked us to pay," said Gora.
Source - hmetro

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