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MDC to engage influential artists

by Staff reporter
01 Feb 2020 at 07:04hrs | Views
In an effort to penetrate the rural constituencies which have, over the years, enjoyed Zanu-PF dominance, the MDC is on a drive to engage influential artists to compose political songs and subsequently stage musical shows for the rural electorate, the Harare Post reported.

Speaking to this publication on condition of anonymity, one MDC official said the MDC was alleged to have received funding from an international organisation in order to identify and engage with influential artists and lure them to sing for the party.

Wallace Chirumiko popularly known as ‘Winky D' is one such artist who has been lured to sing for the opposition party. Chirimuko has already composed his first song ‘Kasong Kejecha', the new 2020 album Njema which has a compilation of controversial songs like Ejipita and Njema among others.

Sources revealed that a number of artists are said to have been approached by the MDC Director for the National Organising Department, Farai Chinobva to take up the propaganda task.

Chinobva has been visiting party provincial structures where he informed them of the party's strategy and oriented them to the party's agenda 2020.

One artist, Takunda Chigudu aka ‘Tiny Tee' in the dance hall circles, had this to say, "I have been approached by an MDC official called Chinobva who invited me to produce songs for the opposition party, but I told him Iam not into politics. I understand there are some influential musicians who have been approached as well and they are also shunning the invite.

"Singing with a political inclination will only chase away our fans and it is these fans that support us and keep us going. I will not divert from myself because someone has a motive. They should look for other alternatives. I am sure they already have musicians in their party to sing for them like Paul Madzore," he said.

Source went on to say that ‘Winky D' was tasked to use his influence to lure other musicians to join the bandwagon. He was advised to use the tactic of collaborations whereby the lured artist would not know the political agenda behind the song.

Source - hararepost

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