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Female Bulawayo artist takes Jonathan Moyo head on

by Mandla Ndlovu
09 Jan 2020 at 12:56hrs | Views
Bulawayo's song bird Novuyo Seagirl  says Professor Moyo's claim that she stole the popular AEIOU song from Sunshine Studios was utterly nonsense.

Speaking to the state controlled Chronicle recently Novuyo said, "That is total nonsense. There is no such thing. He (Professor Moyo) anticipated the wrong thing. What I can agree on is that I was signed under Sunshine Studios Stable which he owns sometime in 2012. We did a song called Things you do for me and yes it had a line that says AEIOU but it was not a complete song."

On July 1 Moyo had taken to Twitter saying, "Hopefully Novuyo Seagirl will soon credit the song and studio from which she took the ‘A E I O U' idea and refrain. The studio guys who worked with her and her twin sister are disappointed!"

Added Novuyo, "The one we did for Sunshine Studios was a friendship song while this one that I did with Lance Hebron is a love song. These claims that the song belongs to Sunshine Studios are totally untrue."

Gus the Producer (real name Gustav Smythe) who worked with Novuyo and her sister (The Twins) in 2013 told reporters that Novuyo reproduced the song without his permission.

"This song was done without any agreement. Initially it was done by The Twins whom we had signed on with our company, at the time named Sunshine Studios. Such things happen in the music business, the title of that song is actually, Things You Do For Me, it's sad to hear that it has been done by The Twins without any agreement.

"The song belongs to Professor Jonathan Moyo who wrote it and A E I O U is the hook line which he came up with."

Source - Byo24News