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Knives out for Malema of G40 links

by Mandla Ndlovu
20 Nov 2019 at 08:50hrs | Views
Deputy Government Spokesperson Energy Mutodi says South African opposition leader Julius Malema must not interfere with the internal politics of Zimbabwe  because he is tainted by his association with the former leaders of the G40 faction of ZANU PF.

Said Mutodi, "Julius Malema has no business mediating in Zimbabwe affairs after showing favor for the G40 and it's kingpins. Rather he needs to mediate his way back to the ANC. The G40 faces a waterloo with its #TysonWabantu resembling the last kicks of a dying horse."

During attribute the late President Robert Mugabe at the South African Parliament recently Malema said Mnangagwa should unite with the G40 members for the country to progress.

"We also want to make a clarion call to President Mnangagwa to allow the Zimbabwean comrades, Zanu PF comrades who are in exile to return home," he said."There should be high level of political tolerance because the disagreement should not lead to targeting and victimising those who hold a different view.

"If Zimbabwe is going to succeed all the progressive forces will have to come together in defence of what (the late former) President Mugabe stood for and we will want to also avail ourselves to facilitate that type of an agreement between the comrades in exile and those who remain in Zimbabwe."

Mutodi added that the Movement which is dubbed #TysonWabantu was bribing ZANU PF youth leaders to turn against their party.

"The G40 TysonWabantu campaign continues to dangle US dollar rewards to ZANU PF Youth League members who betray the party aND its leaders. Cash baron, money laundering and illegal dealing in foreign currency accusations have been raised to tarnish ministers. Do not be fooled."

ZANU PF Political Commissar Victor Matemadanada told state media that Malema was a stupid boy who has no right to offer himself to be a mediator in Zimbabwe.

"The Tysons, the Jonathan Moyos are being used." Matemadanda said. "Malema has also been put in the same line. He becomes a big brand that boy, that stupid young boy thinks he can negotiate, he goes at the centre of va Mnangagwa and Chamisa and says you guy come I want you to make a settlement, what stupid thinking is that. Where does Malema come from in the revolution of Zimbabwe?"

Source - Byo24News