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Modi in corruption, police bribery storm

by newzimbabwe
03 Nov 2019 at 18:33hrs | Views
ZANU PF youth leader Lewis Matutu has made sensational claims that Deputy Industry Minister Raj Modi is demanding payments in US dollars against government policy and bribing police officers for protection from arrest.

Modi, who used to run a supermarket chain before ceding control to Botswana headquartered Choppies, owns many businesses across the country, including liquor stores.

Matutu is currently being sued by Zanu PF secretary for administration after making public, a list of senior government and party officials he claimed were sabotaging the economy.

The Zanu PF youth league deputy politburo secretary claimed police officers in Zvishavane are making a killing out of the ‘protection fees' being paid by Modi.

"The Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce demands USD at his businesses, pays police officers for protection and police in Zvishavane are making a lot of money out of it, NO TO CORRUPTION!!!" said Matutu.

Modi's number was not going through for a comment.

Anti-graft body, Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) spokesperson John Makamure said they will only investigate Modi if they get a formal complaint.

"We do not investigate based on social media reports, which is where I just got it. We urge citizens to report cases of corruption so that we investigate.

"On this matter, there has not been any complaint and no report on which we can base our investigation," said Makamure.

Although Makamure added Zacc sometimes investigates cases where no complaint has been raised, he said they will have to wait for a report on particular matters and then proceed.

"There are some cases we investigate without complaints but these are usually after a report has been published,v he added.

A report by the International Republican Institute (IRI) and National Democratic Institute bemoaned how the scourge is overshadowing positives realised by President Emmerson Mnangagwa's administration with billions being lost every year to graft.

Zacc chairperson, Justice Loice Matanda Moyo also singled out corruption as the major cause of Zimbabwe's economic woes.

The country loses an estimated US$4 billion annually to corruption.

Source - newzimbabwe