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Prophet Bushiri develops Presidential ambitions?

by Mandla Ndlovu
07 Oct 2019 at 16:08hrs | Views
Enlightened Christian Gathering leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has declared that he has every right to stand as a President of Malawi if he wants to.

Speaking at a press conference held in South Africa recently Bushiri said he was already being treated with suspicion by some politicians because of his humanitarian work.

Read the full statement below:

I have every right as a Malawian to stand as a presidential candidate. There is nothing that can stop me from standing. It would even be a good thing for the country considering that I am a young person, and I know problems that young people across the country face.

Secondly, I would make a better president because God has already blessed me as a successful business person. Someone with a capitalist mindset is exactly what Malawi currently needs as a head of state to move the country forward.

John Chilembwe, who was also a man of God as I am, was considered as a political threat for standing up for social justice. In the same regard, I am also saying that I love the nation and I would not allow, in strongest terms, my fellow Malawians to go through such a turmoil.

But when I come out like that, just like John Chilembwe, I am considered a political threat to the extent that each time I come to do charity in Malawi, I am always hindered. I am not even allowed to donate some maize in some regions. At some point, this was so bad that I began to fear for my own life. I have faced a lot of political resistance across the country for my humanitarian works.

By now, the leaders of opposition should be talking to people like myself who love the country and who donate. There are so many people and organisation who are doing great for the country who must be approached by leaders of the opposition and even the government for their works. But I know there are even politicians who are scared to talk to me. Yet they are looking for help in their constituency but are scared to talk to me.

Malawians are tired of politics, and the country's problems are not political. Our biggest problems are hunger and poverty, not politics. I am here to preach peace, not politics because I am not a politician and I would never be a politician as I have said many times.

If I would come to stand as a president, I would not stand as a politician. Rather, I would stand from a humanitarian point of view to help the country not as a politician. So, if I am asked whether I would stand and help as a humanitarian, then my answer would be yes.

Source - Byo24News

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