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PHOTOS: Death trap classrooms in Nkayi

by Mandla Ndlovu
29 May 2019 at 15:57hrs | Views
Mopane Foundation International is appealing to individuals and corporates who can assist in the rehabilitation of Somakwilili primary school in Nkayi, Matebeleland North.

The School has Grade 1 up to Grade 7 but has only 2 blocks of classrooms and 2 classrooms in each block.

In a statement The Foundation said, "Words fail us, our hearts bleed for this and next generation of kids. Secondary to ever increasing school fees most can't afford now they sit in these "death-traps" of classrooms! Lord help us."

Mopane Foundation support 10 pupils who learn at this school.

One of the Foundation's team members Nomsa Nekevane wrote the following emotive statement on Facebook:

First time I went to Nkayi I was emotional as I didn't realise we had schools that bad in some parts of rural Zimbabwe. I just received this... image from our Zimbabwean team now I have mixed feelings; sad, concerned, helpless, angry, ashamed and all the feelings that nobody wishes to feel at any point in time.

I am sad because these children future is already hopeless before their little barely started. I am concerned because any accident that can even cause some fatality can happen if that tiny pole moves, if a little wind blows and any structure in roof moves that roof will come crumbling down.

I feel helpless because I don't have enough to fill my fuel tank let alone build a safer structure for these kids at least to feel safe. I feel helpless because I don't know which doors to knock for help. I feel angry because as a country we are meant to be independent from colonialism however this infrastructure that is crumbling down was built by the colonial system which we so hate. I feel ashamed to tell anybody who doesn't know our history that we have been independent since April 1980, a good 39 years. Where did we go wrong?

How do we restore the hope or is it now just a hopeless situation?

Source - Byo24News