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Mutodi tells Mnangagwa to form Inclusive Government with Chamisa

by Mandla Ndlovu
23 Apr 2019 at 19:54hrs | Views
The Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity & Broadcasting and a well established Mnangagwa ally Energy Mutodi has implored on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to consider setting up an inclusive government to avoid what he says is an imminent crisis triggered by failure to arrest persistent economic challenges.

Speaking to journalists following respected ZANU PF elder Rugare Gumbo's comments and refusal to re-join the ruling party, the outspoken government deputy spokesman said there were some issues raised by the retired politician that ZANU PF and the government needed to take seriously especially the need to pass the baton to the younger generation.

"There is real need for ZANU PF leaders to work on a roadmap to pass the leadership over to the younger generation if the revolutionary party is to avoid political extinction", he said adding anyone keen to take on MDC leader Nelson Chamisa in 2023 under the current conditions risked taking ZANU PF down the drain for good. A Chamisa contest with any of the ZANU PF old guard will be unfair as the ruling party will be outplayed due to a new wave of young voters who are demanding a new political style also called generational renewal.

"The ever-changing demands by the electorate needs to be respected and a robust response needs to be crafted on time. While the land question allowed Zimbabweans to unite and fight as one against the Smith regime, 39 years later land is nolonger a cause to stand together. Rather people particularly the young are fighting for decent jobs, steady incomes, better standards of living, affordable shelter, supportive & bankable financial markets as well as a spectacular infrastructure seen in neighboring countries.

"So it is not important to young Zimbabweans who owns arable land at this stage but an active job market matters, whether one can wake up and get a housing or car loan from a bank, get affordable health care, be guaranteed of a decent home and are able to save for future consumption among other things", he said.

Speaking on the possibility of an inclusive government Mutodi said it was time political leaders stopped playing hide and seek games and unite in order to end political polarization that he said was a master stroke against efforts to revive the economy.

"With sanctions in place, it was an oversight on our part to introduce austerity measures as they have the tendency to slow down the economy while public anger rises due to price shocks and exchange rate driven inflation. This is in view of the fact that austerity measures encourage salary freezes and block government from spending its disposable income; creating a lukewarm economy characterized by suffering of the masses. Such conditions are favorable for civil unrests and even a rebellion as police and army officers tend to sympathize with the suffering public. It is therefore imperative that an inclusive government needs to be set up to allow a multi-faceted approach and cohesion in ending the current economic setbacks. Mutodi also spoke on the need for President Mnangagwa to give an amnesty to his erstwhile colleagues like Jonathan Moyo and his G40 cabal in efforts to achieve unity and chat an uncontested way forward towards ending sufferings and political and economic uncertainty.

If we are to address issues like Gukurahundi, then we will need dissenting voices to join in and be part of the solution so as to avoid any future escalation of conflict

Source - Byo24News