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Girl (9) breaks into house, defecate in a dish and flask lid

by Staff reporter
31 May 2012 at 05:11hrs | Views
In an incident that has sent tongues wagging in Mutare's Dangamvura high-density suburb, a nine-year-old girl from the T-section of the suburb recently broke into a home in the C-section, rummaged through the house and defecated in a dish and flask lid.

The girl, who is doing Grade three at a primary school in Mutare, was found crouching in a wardrobe in one of the bedrooms at House Number N215 B where she had broken in. Speaking to our news crew, Mrs Chipo Mareka, who stays at the house said the incident left her dumfounded.

"On that day, I arrived home from the Sakubva Musika Market at around 3pm and put the groceries I had in the kitchen. The front door surprisingly was not opening, my son and I then discovered that it was padlocked from inside. I helped my son to get in through the window and he opened the door for me. Our house looked as if cyclone had passed through. Everything was strewn all over, with purses emptied and drawers overturned. As we explored further, we discovered that the door to one of the bedrooms was also locked from inside and that it when we realised that the perpetrator was probably hiding there. I called two boys who forced open the door using an iron bar and that is when we found the girl crouched in the wardrobe. We also found human waste in the kitchen in a dish and in the lid of a flask in the dining room," she said.

Mrs Mareka added that she strongly suspected that the girl was under a demonic spell as no normal child could walk all the way from the T-section to the C-section, break into a house and 'set' her poop there. The girl claimed that she had come with another boy named Romeo who was, however, discovered to have been at school at the time she was breaking into the house.

The matter was reported to the police, but was later withdrawn after the parties involved resolved to settle the matter amongst themselves, as Mrs Mareka stated that she only wanted to be compensated for the property that had been damaged. By Monday, the girl's grandparents had replaced the dish, litre of milk and door lock.

According to the girl's grandmother (name withheld), the girl started absconding from school when schools opened for this term early this month and she would get reports that her granddaughter had been spotted as far away as the Dangamvura Shopping Mall in Area 3 during school hours. The grandmother said she was now at the end of her with and had no idea as to what to do with her granddaughter since she had 'performed' many mischievous actions recently. She also revealed that the minor was in the habit of relieving herself and spoiling kitchen utensils with her poop.

The girl's parents are said to have divorced and the mother is now remarried and staying in Sakubva. Her mother allegedly disowned her, saying she could no longer deal with the girl's problems.

Source - manica

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