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'Unite and politicians will jump' Linda Masarira tells Zimbabweans

by Mandla Ndlovu
05 Feb 2019 at 07:51hrs | Views
Self-exiled MDC–T  Spokesperson Linda Masarira has urged Zimbabweans to unite and combine their power in defining the kind of Zimbabwe they want instead of following what political leaders tell them.

Masarira who is currently in hiding after alleging that members of the MDC want to murder her said, "When you unite as a people and reclaim your power, when you say jump, politicians will jump. They will prioritize service delivery and represent your interests, the nation's interests before they line their pockets with taxpayer's funds."

Masarira accused political leader of dumping their supporters after they have spent their time fighting for them.

"Learn to put yourselves first. Come together and fight for yourselves. You fight for politicians but they do not fight for you. You put them first and they put power first. Put power in your hands and they will put you first. Make yourselves powerful and they shall fear you.

"Just wondering, who will fight for Zimbabwe because most of the people are fighting for political personalities and not transformational development in our country? Its either one is fighting for Mnangagwa or Chamisa and no one is left fighting for Zimbabwe.

"Why do you give power to others when you can have it all to yourselves? Why let someone else rule when you can not only rule, but are the rightful ruler. Zimbabwe must be ruled by Zimbabweans and not just one Zimbabwean. Zimbabwe belongs to Zimbabweans

"When you have power you tell them what you want but when they have power they tell you what they want. Without power you will remain as you are today. You will work to feed those in power. With power it's them who will work to see to it that you are fed."

The controversial Spokesperson is on record saying Zimbabweans must not support Nelson Chamisa because he leads a violent party that has trained militias who have a  program of destabilizing the country.

Source - Byo24News