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'Fire Mangudya and come home now' Lumumba tells Mnangagwa

by Mandla Ndlovu
15 Jan 2019 at 08:54hrs | Views
In a scathing letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, self-styled communications strategist William Mutumanje has warned that protestors are targeting Mnangagwa's houses and are soon going to burn it.

Mutumanje has advised President Mnangagwa to fire Central Bank Governor John Panonetsa Mangudya and listen to Mthuli Ncube's advise.

We publish the unedited letter below:

Dear Mr President, cancel your trip to Davos NOW. Come home NOW (your VP is not going to make people love you more, imbopafungai) Reverse the fuel hike NOW. You want a fighters chance back in this game? Fire Mangudya and his whole team NOW(this will get you the attention of business community), shuffle cabinet fast. Listen to Mtuli's advice NOW (tell your generals to stop handling him- hazvinakidze). MARK MY WORDS; you are not making it to 2023 otherwise.

I know calling Chamisa in is not an option for your arrogance and ego, infact don't, because now Chamisa has the upper hand, if you are to negotiate with him bring back Kasukuwere, imimi you will not succeed.

ED, I like you, for purely commercial reasons, otherwise pa feya your presidency is of no value to me. Team rako rino dada. Infact if an election came right now I would campaign against you. Queen B took advantage of your corruptible system, but he made sure the country was well oiled. Take his advise.

The protests will get worse, your children and their businesses will become target soon. Your own business esp (that one rematombo eblack) is red listed by the angry mob. They won't protest forever-true, but before vapedza they will f*ick up your interests. They are planning on visiting that tourist attraction of a house you are building in Borrowdale kunozvidira JECHA, this is avoidable. Pacify them, give them something to chew on.

You had a lot of good will coming in, you want to know where it went? You didn't seem to appreciate it or care for it. Grow a spine Shumba. Your communication strategy is awful, insensitive and not sexy, kukundwa nevakoma vemakombi kudaro.

Chinzwa kaED, there is nothing wrong with Zimbabwe that Zimbabweans can not fix. Stop this obsession with foreigners, sit down with the Greeks & Indians here. They know trade better than you and your whole cabinet.

Stop arresting hustlers, understand them. At least when we hustle our money stays here, but the vultures around you steal and take the money out. You have over tribalised chinhu chacho mudhara, I am a karanga like you from Chivi kwaMhunduru and even I think makuzvinyanya.

Chiwenga has one tool is his tool box and he is sharpening it as you read this. That tool will escalate your problems. Don't arrest people, arrest the corruption in your office. Please know there is a pipeline of information feeding your banks accounts, your son's bank accounts to a foreign government.

I am not just your party member, I am a Frontline defender of your presidency. Something I have never heard your internal team confessing. This is not about protecting your Presidency, it's about protecting our futures.

Ultimately let me tell what we are as a party, a party of good ideology and broken promises. We broke the promise made to war vets, students, civil servants, youth, women and our friends abroad. You want a point of consensus to rally people behind? "Fixing the broken promises". Ask the public to tell you what those really are

Source - Byo24News

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