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'Strive Masiyiwa is a stumbling block' says Trevor Ncube

by Mandla Ndlovu
07 Jan 2019 at 16:47hrs | Views
Alpha Media Holdings Boss Trevor Ncube blamed the failure  of MDC led by Tsvangirai and Simba Makoni's MKD to unite on Strive Masiyiwa who whom he described as a stumbling block and full of ego.

This was revealed by a Wikileaks cable

We publish the full cable below:

Johannesburg-based Zimbabwean Trevor Ncube to inquire about losing presidential candidate Simba Makoni's strategy for a potential run-off in Zimbabwe.

Ncube said that Makoni has been approached by the MDC to form a coalition but complained that MDC did not make an overture until Friday 05 April, only after the MDC realized that the Senate was evenly split. "MDC was so triumphant, it was sickening," he said.

When asked why MDC and Makoni did not form a coalition before the election, Ncube laid the blame squarely on the shoulders of Strive Masiyiwa "who should not be trusted" and "whose ego got in the way." According to Ncube, Masiyiwa was annoyed that Makoni did not approach him directly and was the main "stumbling block" to a MDC-Makoni coalition, despite all outward appearances that he was working a deal.

When asked what the possibilities were of MDC and Makoni coming together without Masiyiwa's intervention, Ncube responded, "Unfortunately, Strive's got the money."  ELECTION MUSINGS

3. (C) Ncube, who has openly admitted he is not a fan of MDC Leader Morgan Tsvangirai, criticized Tsvangirai's actions since the 29 March election. Ncube accused Tsvangirai of lacking leadership "over and over again" and said that "he is out of his depth." He believes that Tsvangirai should not have waited five days to announce he had won the presidency. He would have advised Tsvangirai to deliver an "I have a dream speech" to give people hope and to get people on the streets in an act of civil disobedience immediately. Instead, he believes Tsvangirai's delay allowed ZANU-PF "to recover at a time when they were stumbling." 4. (C) When asked why Makoni had not been out delivering a message of hope or civil disobedience -- or any message at all, in fact -- Ncube said that Makoni is "cautious; he's a thinker." He also said that it was obvious that Solomon Mujuru did not deliver votes for Makoni as promised. This is evidenced, he believes, by the fact that Makoni got 80 percent of his votes from Matebeleland.

Source - Byo24News