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Mnangagwa is failing the nation

by Stephen Jakes
28 Oct 2018 at 14:04hrs | Views
Former MDC legislator Norman Mpofu has said President Emmerson Mnangagwa is failing the nation as the economic crisis rocked the nation.

He said the man lacks authority . Business people are defying him.

"Greens Wholesalers and Greens Super Market Plumtree are conditionally selling commodities despite directives by the government. Today on  27 10 18 to buy a cartoon of Pepsi one had to buy a grocery worthy $16. at their Whole sale. While at their Super Market for one to buy a 2l cooking oil one had to buy a grocery of $10," he said.

"This violation of the law and our consumer right is done openly. Why is Plumtree ZRP turning a blind eye to this. Does it mean the government is lying to us. Why will a citizen be forced to buy things which are not budgeted for. Greens is becoming a serious opportunist . He has made a lot of money from us. If Mnangangws, his MPs and the Police are failing to protect us from these criminals I think its high time we protect our selves from these economic vultures."

He said Greens must close his shops. He must not take advantage of them.

"Its high time we organise our selves into a vigilante group to protect our selves. Right now cement is sold in rands and USD only. What is that? Among us we have civil servants who are paid in bonds. Why discriminate against them. Our constitution is against all forms of discrimination," he said.

"From today I am working on forming a group to deal with this kind of abuse by institutions. I propose a Plumtree Siyabangena Action Group. Let us form it . Skhathele."

Source - Byo24News