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'Zimbabwe-US relations improve'

by Staff rpeorter
06 Jul 2018 at 07:12hrs | Views
RELATIONS between Zimbabwe and the United States have significantly improved since the ushering in of the new dispensation last year, an indication that both countries are ready to open a new chapter in their relations, the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo, has said.

Addressing delegates during the 242nd US independence celebrations in Harare yesterday, Ambassador Moyo said although relations were not yet perfect, after a long period of estrangement between the two countries, the relationship was certainly moving in the right direction.

"On behalf of the Government and the people of Zimbabwe, I wish to extend to the Government and people of the US our warmest congratulations on the 242nd anniversary of their independence.

"As we join in celebrating this happy occasion, I wish to express my satisfaction that relations between Zimbabwe and the US have significantly improved since the new dispensation was ushered in last November.

"The fact that in the last seven months there have been high level exchanges of visits between our two countries has helped us to understand each other better," said Ambassador Moyo, who is also the acting Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services and the Zanu-PF spokesperson.

He said Zimbabwe looks forward to increased exchanges as they facilitate all aspects of a vibrant bilateral relationship.

Ambassador Moyo said he was pleased that during Foreign Affairs Minister Retired Lieutenant-General Dr Sibusiso Moyo's visit to New York in April, the US administration intimated that it would want to become Zimbabwe's development partner.

"This indicates that we're both ready to open a new chapter in our relations. Indeed the Zimbabwe Government seeks to build a partnership of shared prosperity between Zimbabwe and the US and not one of dependency. In that regard let's build opportunities for trade and investment.

"The tone has already been set with a number of American companies sending business delegations to Zimbabwe to explore business opportunities. Let the message go out to the US companies that Zimbabwe is truly open for business," said Ambassador Moyo.

He said Government was committed to ensuring that business meetings with investors and fund managers in New York demonstrated a strong desire to bring capital to Africa.

"There are endless possibilities to link Zimbabwe's vast natural resources and the US direct capital investments. We've changed those aspects of our investment laws to be more attractive and protect foreign direct investments. Investors are henceforth free to deploy their capital as they desire," said Ambassador Moyo.

He expressed gratitude to the US for continuing to support Zimbabwe, despite the poor relations in the past.

"I wish to note that even as relations between the two countries reached their lowest levels, the US never completely disengaged from Zimbabwe. To that end I wish to express the sincere gratitude of the Government and the people of Zimbabwe for the US support to Zimbabwe in several areas, especially in the health sector.

"The assistance provided through the President's emergency programme for Aids Relief (PEPFAR) has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans. This year alone, the US is providing $260 million to support Zimbabwe's health and other areas. For that we're truly grateful. We thank the US for putting a primacy on lives over ideological differences," said Ambassador Moyo.

He said Zimbabwe was still proud to share universal values of democracy, respect for human rights and good governance with the US, adding that it's good that organisations and individuals from the US are among those who will observe the country's elections.

"You can therefore be rest assured that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is sincere in his pledge to hold transparent, free, fair, credible and non-violent elections on July 30. We welcome honest and constructive criticism as from that, we shall emerge a stronger democracy at the service of the people," Ambassador Moyo said.

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