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'Mnangagwa has dumped us'

by Staff rpeorter
03 Jul 2018 at 13:44hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa has relegated former liberation fighters to back benchers in the supposed new dispensation and surrounded himself with the same criminals that were around deposed leader Robert Mugabe, war veterans have said.

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans' Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson Douglas Mahiya said war veterans had fought fiercely for the removal of Mugabe only for the door to be slammed shut in their face just when they thought their worries were over.

The war veterans fear nothing has changed and are in fact still "waiting eagerly and expecting real change politically, economically and socially" while "those who were staunch supporters of G40 are now starting to congregate around the political leadership and the president".

"The ZNLWA has noted with serious concern that hardly less than six months the nation has forgotten the brave and unwavering battles against Mugabe and his wife Grace's endeavour and restless desire to establish a dynasty," Mahiya said.

"When everyone went underground, wore iron clothes in defence of self, the majority went to hide in deep trenches as Mugabe and G40 rapidly fired at anyone whom he labelled Lacoste.

"Others feared the mad dogs of the Mugabe regime and decided to bootlick the corrupt, cruel and money mongering counter revolutionary the former president and those of his inner circle had become.

"It was until the 18th of November 2017 that a successful invitation of all Zimbabwean stakeholders to gather at Zimbabwe grounds... A record over 2,8 million people took the heed of the war veterans of the liberation who led and ignited the light of the new dispensation."

The war veterans said that show of commitment remains unnoticed by both government and the media; instead those who had gone into hiding during the military intervention are reaping the rewards of a Zimbabwe without Mugabe.

"The show in taking stock is being stolen away from the war veterans, the newspaper reportage excludes the revolutionary spirit the freedom fighters demonstrated to keep the revolutionary fire burning on course and firm although not much has yet come their way," Mahiya said.

"Those who were idling, bootlicking, hiding in trenches got promoted at the expense of the war veterans and the masses. Those who were staunch supporters of G40 are now starting to congregate around the political leadership and the president, this way not much change will be realised.

"There is political cheating, lip service to both government and the party. Those with political eyes can recognise the ugly face of the former. I pray to God for a new mandate of government. War veterans are waiting eagerly and expecting real change politically, economically and socially. Veduwee vanhu vapiwe sando dzavo varivapenyu."

"The war veterans association …will continue as usual to speak for themselves and the people on issues that are social or economic nature. The question of corruption will very soon take centre stage, it is of major concern.

"The nature and character of our party Zanu-PF will not be removed from the radar. The damage by the G40 is being under estimated; Zanu-PF has been invaded by unprogressive forces of G40 and others. The evil nature of these forces must continue to be unmasked; corruption is the symptom of the scourge."

Source - dailynews

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