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Zimbabwean comedian discloses her HIV status online

by Staff Reporter
30 May 2018 at 07:33hrs | Views
FACEBOOK comedy sensation Mai TT is trending after hogging the limelight on Monday when she openly stated that her ex-husband Tapiwa Mutikani infected her with HIV years back and was spreading the disease by sleeping around with different women.

Using her Facebook fan page, the ever jovial Mai TT (real name Felistas Edwards), who was in a sombre mood, poured her heart out telling her fans that she had resorted to recording comedy skits to cheer herself up.

"I pretend that I'm okay, but I'm not. I've turned all my sorrow into jokes," she said.

In a 30-minute outburst, the comedian said her ex husband, who recently married another woman —purportedly the fourth — had provoked her by sending images of his traditional wedding with the latest wife, Ru, yet he was not providing for the upkeep of their daughter TT.

"He sent me pictures bragging that I always complained about his status (HIV) saying there were women who loved him the way he was and that's why he was getting married. I know that your wife doesn't know that you're positive yet you want to go around talking sh** about me and yet you don't support your child," said Mai TT.

"This guy killed me! He ruined my life! This guy made me go through a lot of sh** and made my family reject me! This guy ruined my health! This guy called Tapiwa Mutikani, God, I put him in your hands, I'll never forgive him," wailed Mai TT.

"I curse you; you shall know no happiness in your life. I don't care whoever you're marrying, (whether it's) Ruth Maponga. Even at my funeral or when my child is getting married, don't come. You aren't worthy to be called a father. You are a worthless piece of . . ." ranted Mai TT.

Before ranting, Mai TT had given a brief background of how she met her ex-husband. She said she loved him so much even though her mother advised her otherwise.

But, it seemed this was not the first time that Mai TT was angered and insulted her ex-hubby who she said had a wandering eye, as she was once arrested for a similar issue.

"I don't care if you send me back to jail for insulting and assaulting you like the last time. I wanted you to be arrested for deliberate transmission but you begged me.

"You can marry it's ok. I have a life that is four times, 20 000 times better than yours. I just wanted you to be there in the life of your daughter."

The sobbing comedian also spoke of how she fought with Mutikani's girlfriends on several occasions before warning his latest mistress to be wary of him.

Vowing to take care of her children without the support of Mutikani whom she claimed even abused his younger sister, Mai TT said she had enrolled their daughter at an expensive school where school fees is a $1 000 with the hope that she would take care of her later in life.

Her fans were dumbfounded at the claims on the video with some telling her not to hang her dirty linen in public, but Mai TT's reply was simply "I don't care".

"This is my life! Don't call me! I can say whatever I want about my life. I go through a lot of sh** in my life. If you see him at my funeral or next to my daughter, chase him away.

"This is my story, stop judging me. You don't know me. You don't know what I've been through and you don't know or have an idea," cried Mai TT.

Another Internet sensation, Olinda Chapel, who once ranted when she was dumped by rapper Stunner, rendered support to Mai TT.

"Mai TT, I'm your sign that God is there. Look at me now and how far I've come. You too can do it," said Olinda.

Mai Chisamba on the other hand said as saddening as Mai TT's issue was, she needed to find ways to deal with her issues privately.

"What's saddening about this issue is that if people are husband and wife, their life should be about taking care of each other and loving each other.

"Even when one gets ill, no one should poke fun at the other because when we take vows we say in health and in sickness, so when things get to that stage, you need to talk as a family.

"These two should have sought help in time and taken care of each other," said Mai Chisamba.

Source - Chronicle