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Stop politicking about Tsvangirai

by Stephen Jakes
15 Feb 2018 at 06:39hrs | Views
Former ZBC presenter Eric Knight has pleaded with the politicians and citizens of Zimbabwe to desist from politicizing late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai's death.

The remarks come after Tsvangirai died yesterday in South Africa.

"Yes the man is gone. I am pained like many because the nation has lost an icon the field of Politics. I will share a brief obituary of the Morgan Tsvangirai that I knew. Before I do that, I wish to express my heartfelt condolences to the entire Tsvangirai Family and to the MDC Party for this great loss," he said.

"Having said that, I kindly ask Zimbabweans from all walks of life to desist from politicising the death of this man. Let us not exploit his departure to score self centred goals. Let us respect the man and give him a sending off that he deserves. No cheap politicking but instead let us also respect his family. Here is a man who definitely should be credited for his courage, commitment and zeal to Zimbabwe's cause. Here is a man who undoubtedly contributed directly and indirectly to what Zimbabwe is today. Yes, he did not become President at any stage, but Im sure even honest Zanu PF comrades and cadres will agree that the man gave the government pressure always, and for sure that helped to keep the operations and performance of the ruling Party in check."

"I am proud to be one of the people who have had the privilege to meet and talk to this man face to face. Many things will be said after his departure but I will share the little that I know, just as a sign of respect and appreciation."

He said he last saw and spoke to Save in 2013 after the Elections.

"We spoke about many things but trust me, the man wanted to quit Politics straight after the Elections that year. Remember by that time he had not been diagnosed of the Cancer that he succumbed to today, or maybe he already knew but simply he had not disclosed his condition to the public. He told me and Ezra about the sleepless nights he had been having, thinking seriously about quiiting. I asked him why would he do that..he said because he felt that he had done his part, and ndakuda kusiyira imimi vechidiki, pangu ndaita. Those were his words. He added that the only barrier is his family, who had strongly objected to that. In his words he said.."Ndakavaudza kuti ndavakuda kuzorora but varikuti Baba matora vanhu mukavasimudza kuenda navo mudenga mukavapa tariro," he said.

"Varimudenga imomo makuda kubva mavaregedza kuti vachidonha vega murimi makavakwidza, hazvingamboita mushe.'' Im trying to recall word by word some of the things he said. I then asked him kuti but mudhara who would you leave this hard work to. He said thats problem number 2, Im not sure who to leave the baton with. So, Im really not surprised that until death day, he had not clearly anointed and appointed anyone. Im not here to stir the already murky waters but Im just adding one plus one, relating to his Party's current scenario."

He said six months later after the Elections he met him again in his office just to bid farewell as he was due to return to England.

"He said usadzokere shandira nyika, the country needs people like you. I told him 'Ndinodyeyi mudhara, uko kubasa ka.' He laughed and said he understood but shandai muchidzoka kumusha. Mukagara ikoko zvachose munoti inogadzirwa nani. That was the last time I saw him. The last time I spoke to him was in October 2017, it was 1 month before Igwe resigned as President of Zimbabwe. I told him that I am quitting MDC. He said what and why? I told him my reasons and thatI couldnt see clearly where we are going and Im not in agreement with some of the ongoings, I see darkness and I dont like to follow blindly. He said send me what your issues are. I did," he said.

"I did outline to him my thoughts, opinions and beliefs, but sadly his condition had deteriorated and he passed before he could respond. Even if he is gone, I am not ashamed to say I did interact with someone who was so courageous, someone who is lion hearted and very humble. As I post this, I want to reiterate to fellow Zimbabweans the fact that, we may have divergent political, religious, tribal or cultural affiliations, but Life is bigger than all of us. We are all going, so its really pointless to be fighting, hating and hurting each other for earthly crowns and positions. They are temporary and this world is not our home."

"Lastly, respectfully I am going to share some pictures of his last days taken this week. My apologies they may not be pleasing to the eye, but people have a right to see their hero in any condition. With all due respect to the family, many people would have jumped at an opportunity to see the man on his deathbed. Because they loved him. Fambai mushe Mudhara! Inzira yedu tose/Yindlela yethu sonke! God bless Zimbabwe! God bless Africa!"

Source - Byo24News