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Mthwakazi Republic Party raps tribalists who heckled Jays Marabini

by Stephen Jakes
01 Dec 2017 at 06:32hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has rapped the tribalists who heckled Bulawayo musician Jays Marabini during the inauguration of Emmerson Mnangagwa as president in Harare recently.

Party Secretary General Ackim Mhlanga said  Lovemore Majaivana summed it up in one of his songs when he admonished the people of Mthwakazi that they are not taken seriously in Zimbabwe as they are perceived as bastard sons.

"We recently saw the physical manifestation of this reality with the disgusting display of the highest climax of tribalism displayed by shonas at the so called National sports stadium where Jays Marabini's nationality was confirmed as not enough to operate his business in Harare," he said.

"The only sin that disqualified Jays Marabini in the eyes of the shonas was his natural birth right, being born a Ndebele. He was seen to be doing his business in an oppressed language. A language that the shona supremacists  of Zimbabwe regard as inappropriate."

 Mhlanga said why was he invited in the first place?

"The same reason why Simon Khaya, Kembo Mohadi, Mphoko etc, were invited to Zanu to balance up things. Our need for collectivism cannot be questioned now. The humiliation that befell Jays Marabini is synonymous with the experiences of all Mthwakazi people in their different disciplines, ranging from politics, employment opportunities, sporting activities, churches and suppression of the cultural dignity of Mthwakazi people. Our people continue to be exploited as face savers, in line with the objectives of the satanic 1979 grand plan," he said.

"Mthwakazi is currently under siege and independence is yet to come. Jays Marabini was deliberately sloted to perform in the final stages of the function after the so called president and his dignitaries had already left, and the shonas pelted at him with bottles of juice, oranges and empty bottles filled with urine. This he confided to the MRP president. He was openly told' hatindzwi Ndebele, dzokera kwako ku Buruwayo, you are not welcome here in Harare. We have our own singers'."

He said those who reside in Lobhengula West are a testimony to the spirited rise of this Mthwakazi hero, Jays Marabini.

"The man did not have it on a silver platter. To witness this kind of humiliation in the hands of a tribal shona system is greatly worrying, but also compels and invigorates us to confront this evil with vigour. MRP president Mqondisi Moyo had a telephone conversation with Jays Marabini on Saturday when he confirmed to have been harrassed and humiliated in Harare. The president pledged to meet with him to get first hand information on what really transpired on that fateful day. What puzzles the nation of Mthwakazi is the reluctance of the event organisers and political leaders present at the occasion to condemn such a barbaric act," he said.

"MRP pledges its support to all our Mthwakazi musicians. We recognise your talents and the impediments before you in running your businesses in such a suppressive environment. What happened to Jays must be an eye opener to all Mthwakazi musicians, that Mthwakazi is not Zimbabwe. It is common knowledge that our musicians have been starved of both television and radio space at Zbc and this includes Mthwakazi actors and their non shona productions."

He said MRP would like to urge all its people not to buy radio and television licences, as a direct response to our marginalization, and continue to find solace on satellite stations until we attain our independence.

"We will stand resolutely in the defence of our artists and assist where ever possible in growing their businesses and personal profiles. We edge our artists to engage with the MRP leadership on the challenges that begs our political intervention. Jays Marabini will always be our hero. We don't need serial tribalists to confirm that," he said.

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