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Mugabe does not understand peaceful protests

by Simbarashe Mwandipenda
21 Nov 2017 at 10:46hrs | Views
Some Zimbabweans on social media have criticised peace protests as ways of removing president Robert Mugabe from power, after Mt Pleasant independent candidate Fadzayi Mahere called for peaceful protests against the 93-year-old President, saying he was brutal hence he should be removed violently.

"Whatever we do, let's keep it peaceful.

"Therein lies the power of this extraordinary move.We can protest , debate ,picnic ,demonstrate, shut down and stay away without any violence.

"Non - violence is our biggest weapon right now. Zimbos are a polite and peaceful lot after all," tweeted Mahere.

One Twitter user denounced both Mugabe and his successor in ZANU PF party Emmerson Mnangagwa labeling them as betrayers because of peaceful stance.

"...and hell upon everything Mugabe, your so called peacefulness is your weakness and men like Mugabe and Munangagwa, will betray us again and again, because your cowards and afraid. EVEN IN HEAVEN THERE WAS VIOLENCE B4 THE DEVIL FELL."

Mcpee Bhosha tweeted that, "This politeness and peacefulness is the reason we are in this mess....we need one brave Zimbo bullet or a pillow😬😬"

Other commenters said they will not forgive him for the killing of the Ndebeles in Matebeland.

"Don't forget the killing of the Ndebeles in Matebeland."

"We will not forgive or forget the murder of our people, never," reads a tweet from a user.

However , others thought there was no need for more demonstrations since Mugabe had conceded.

"Demonstrations for what yet you have Won the Game!," said Dr.Robert Muti.

"I see ZANU and the military winning in all this," also responded Vincent.

Meanwhile, Mike Clarence believes Mugabe was brutal but retaliating is foolish.

"Mugabe has brutalized his nation for decades.....It will be folly for the victims of this brutal dictator to adopt his thuggery when he's on his final breath."

Source - Byo24News