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Mai Titi denies Prophet Makandiwa 'bribe'

by Staff reporter
01 Aug 2017 at 16:23hrs | Views
GOSPEL musician and comedienne, Mai Titi, has dismissed social media claims that she was paid to testify being healed of cancer.

Born Felistas Edward, the entertainer said her relatives and friends knew of her condition and has medical reports to prove it.

"In the Bible, Pharisees including the Jews failed to receive their healing from Jesus Christ calling him son of the carpenter and because of lack of faith, many perished," said Mai Titi.

"Ndaisimboverenga zvinopomerwa Prophet Makandiwa ndichizvitenda saka zvirikutaurwa izvi zvandionesa pachena kuti vanhu vanotaura zvenhema zvokandwa pa social media nemumapepa nhau zvirizvekunyepera prophet.

"How can someone fake cancer, varikuti ndakabhadharwa varikureva here kuti ndakaoreswa gumbo hama dzikaona neshamwari ndikazonorapwa kwaProphet Makandiwa?

"Kana Prophet Makandiwa achiisa urwere hwakadaro muvanhu zvinoreva kuti he has more powers and those accusing him of for paying me must repent or they will perish due to their unbelief.

"My sickness was never a secret and I even posted it on social media and those who are talking that rubbish never took me to their healers.

"One of my cousins, who goes to UFIC, is the one who decided to take me to Prophet Makandiwa and he prayed for me and I was healed and decided to give my testimony before the congregation.

"They might talk all they want but what I know is that Prophet Makandiwa was used by God in my healing and I look strong to move on with my life.

"If Prophet Makandiwa had given me that US$10 000 being talked about, will I not be driving a better car?

"My healing is more than money and the love that Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa shared with me gives me strength and hope of doing greater things.

"Hating Prophet Makandiwa will never return the cancer on my body and if people are evil to the extent of spending their time to question those healing sick people and that means preachers are still to spread good news.

"I will never be silenced to proclaim my deliverance and my relatives and friends are with me except those being used by the devil to weaken the anointed prophets.

"I regret being a celebrity, my life is under attack, I need a bouncer to be by my side because people see it good to torment me other than celebrating with me in receiving my healing."

UFIC spokesperson, Pastor Prime Kufakunesu denied the allegations and referred to John 5:1-17 where Jews questioned a healed person for carrying mat on Sabbath Day.

"Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa never paid Mai Titi to fake healing and is not moved by what people are posting on social media," said Pastor Kufakunesu.

"I want you to read a passage of scripture on John chapter 5 and John 9:19-21, you will see that the Jews never cared about the person, who had been sick for 38 years, receiving healing from Jesus Christ and parents of healed blind man.

"They were after observing their Sabbath laws and went on to question why the healed person was carrying a mat and asked to see the person who had healed him.

"In the same vein, people are after attacking Prophet Makandiwa by accusing him of paying Mai Titi overlooking the problem she was facing.

"UFIC members, who witnessed the healing as well as those who visited Mai Titi during the time of pain, have a different story to tell and will be given grace to share the truth with those is darkness.

"Take your time to read that passage of scripture, it will open your eyes and see how people differ when they are after attacking man of God.

"Prophet Makandiwa knows his standing in Christ Jesus and will not be moved away from the faith he has in God and will continue ministering in and out of season," said he said.

Source - hmetro