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MDC-T does not need a coalition, it has been winning since it started - Analyst

by Stephen Jakes
22 Jul 2017 at 06:40hrs | Views
A Political commentator Butler Tambo has said the MDC-T has been winning significant numbers during elections since 2000 and it does not need a coalition with any political party to win.

The remarks come at a time when there are contesting remarks by political parties over the manner in which the coalition should be made. Since they mooted the idea it appears there is nopt progress on the ground thereby creating skepticism among the supporters as to whether the coalition will work to their benefit.

"Can someone help me I am failing to understand why a political party like MDC T which has garnered over 1million votes in every election since 2000 is stressing itself signing coalitions,pacts etc with parties which have never contested and won a single by election in their existence?," Tambo said.

"What value do these untested parties bring to MDC T really.I hear others talking of splitting of votes and the Makoni factor of 2008 with his 8% and some claiming that vote cost the MDC T the presidency but who said the 8% who voted for Makoni were MDC T supporters anyway because if anything those people could have been disgruntled Zanu PF supporters?"

He said again people talk of new entrants to the political fray as people who will lead to a split in votes interestingly most elections in Zimbabwe post 2000 have recorded voter turn outs of less than 50% meaning there is still a huge untapped electorate out there waiting to be convinced to vote.

"If anyone can convince this apathetic group to vote for them then that person or party should make the next government come 2018.The turnout in Chiwundura was a mere 23% meaning more people need to be convinced to turn out in their numbers to vote and i believe that should be the target of any serious political players not Coalitions which do not add any new voters to the number of people who have been consistently voting for you," he said.

Source - Byo24News