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'I'm no pushover,' says Angeline Masuku

by Staff reporter
19 Jul 2017 at 14:21hrs | Views
Zanu-PF senator Angeline Masuku, whose suspension from the party was lifted recently, opened up this week, saying she has an impeccable history hence she could not easily be thrown out of the ruling party.

The former Matabeleland South governor was a victim of the party's factionalism after she was suspended, along with 18 other members for attending a war veterans meeting addressed by Christopher Mutsvangwa and Jabulani Sibanda in March last year.

She insisted that her suspension was null and void, adding she was still part of Zanu-PF and working tirelessly for the party.

"Let me correct one thing, I was not suspended," Masuku said.

"I have always been there . . . there is nobody who can build Zanu-PF except us. It is us who can correct whatever mistakes. We discuss these things and we correct ourselves."

Masuku said despite the plot to destroy her political career by some nemesis in the party, she knew she would survive.

"I am feeling the same. I never changed or have a different feeling because I was innocent, I was innocent and I will remain innocent."

Masuku reminded those allegedly behind her suspension that she was no minnow in the former revolutionary party.

"If you can recall in 1987 when unity between Zanu-PF and-PF Zapu by President Robert Mugabe and the late VP Joshua Nkomo, there was a high-powered committee to do the integration exercise from two parties. Five people from Zanu and five from Zapu and I am the survivor from those five people from Zapu.

"Remember I was with (Welshaman) Mabhena, Kotso Dube, Cyril Ndebele, George Marange and they are all late. And I am the only survivor among those who did the integration, which is the building of Zanu-PF."

As a result, she questioned the "wisdom" of her nemesis.

"How on earth can someone wake up to say I am suspending you from the party? That is why I am saying I was not suspended . . .," she said.

" . . . somebody who was not even there when that house (Zanu-PF) was built and some of those were not even politically born at that time when we were building Zanu-PF".

"I sympathise with those people who think they can destroy Zanu-PF where there are people who took their time, energy and everything to build Zanu-PF and they think that they can destroy it. Not when we are there, I am sorry," she said.

While many expected her to respond to the allegations that led to her suspension, Masuku said "as a mature person I was quiet, I never said anything, I never retaliated, I knew that this will come to an end and there would be order".

She said while infighting was common in the party, expelling each other was not the solution.

Masuku, however, said she was confident that Zanu-PF was going to win the 2018 elections.

"The unity agreement was signed by two of our elders and we were just sent to go and build and . . . I was part of that. I am still privy to say that as one of those who are still surviving I still stand firm to say Zanu-PF is the only party in Zimbabwe that can take people's problems."

Source - dailynews