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Nyandoro prophesied to soon receive millions

by Staff reporter
04 Jun 2017 at 20:30hrs | Views
FORMER Zimbabwe Warriors defensive midfielder Esrom Nyandoro, who also last year parted ways with South African Premiership side Mamelodi Sundowns where he spent 11 years, was recently prophesied to soon receive millions in unspecified currency.

In an almost two-minute long video clip, where he was prophesied by eccentric Malawian prophet - Shepherd Bushiri warmly referred to as Major 1, Nyandoro was told he would soon receive millions.

In the video, Esrom is picked from the crowed and told to unfold his shirt on the right forearm, where he has tattoos of his children's names.

" . . . Do you see inside the shirt? . . . put it back, I want people to see that it was hidden and that I couldn't see. I asked what are these three names . . . what are these three children, he says I have got four, and I say what those four written on your arm . . . "My God is going to shock you, MMMMM," he says before asking Esrom what that means.

Esrom then responds: "MMM," before Bushiri interjects, saying "No, I said M five times, its millions."

It was however, not clear when he was prophesied.

An excited Esrom then says he receives and that he believes, before being asked to sit down.

Many celebrities, including politicians from across the globe have been spotted at prophet Bushiri's Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church in Pretoria, South Africa.

He has since established a church in Zimbabwe, which is headquartered in Bulawayo.

The church in Bulawayo is housed in Belmont along Five Street Extension and today, since it was opened boasts of a between 3 000-5 000 congregation.

Two months ago prophet Bushiri's wife held a service at the church, where approximately 15 000 people attended.

The church is also in the process of securing funding through holding several competitions to raise funds to acquire land to build a mega church and school.

Source - zimpapers

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