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Grace scandals embarass Mugabe

by Staff Reporter
09 Dec 2016 at 10:12hrs | Views
First Lady Grace Mugabe who has a well documented history of enjoying a jet-set lifestyle has been caught  up in a $1,4 million diamong ring scandal involving a Lebanese diamond dealer.

Friday media reports indicate that the dealer, Jamal Ahmed has now approached the High Court seeking to evict Grace from his properties.

According to court documents,  Grace  paid for the ring in full using a Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ) account and $1,350,000 was wired to Dubai.

After the ring was delivered,  Grace decided she did not want it any more and demanded her money back.

In response the dealer, who has homes in Harare, explained that he had paid for the ring to a third party and needed time to raise the money.

Grace was having none of this and demanded that the money is paid into her Dubai account.

That's when the trouble started.

Social media has reacted to the saga with some accusing Grace of massive externalization of funds.

Below are some twitter posts seen by :

Tobias Sibanda ‏@sibanda_tobias1
said "This is the First Lady who claims she sometimes skips meals in solidarity with the starving. US$1,4mln could transform their lives".

@matigary - "CBZ pays Dubai dealer 4 GraceMugabe's $1.3mln diamond ring. Mangudya blames smugglers 4 externalizing".

Alex T Magaisa ‏@Wamagaisa said "We await Grace and Russell's side of the story but this looks like a scandal of huge proportions. Must be embarrassing to President Mugabe.

"Grace Mugabe allegedly refused to take the ring & demanded the refund to be paid outside Zimbabwe. If true, how's that not externalization?

"The $1.4 million for Grace Mugabe's diamond ring was paid outside the country from a CBZ account. CBZ clients are queuing for paltry amounts".

Tendayi Manyange ‏@TendayiManyange
wrote "So Mugabe can afford to spend $1,3mln on a ring whilst Zimboz cant afford a dissent meal"
Povo Zimbabwe ‏@povozim "@cbzholdings is limiting ordinary Zimbo's to $50 withdrawals but allows Grace Mugabe 2 withdraw  $1.4 million to buy a diamond ring".

Hazel Ndebele ‏@NdebeleHazel weighed in "Ha ha ha a ring for that much perhaps we should just say some women are lucky!  Grace in US$1,4m diamond ring row".

Source - Byo24News