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Nyaradzo ‘dumps’ mourners 25km before destination

by Staff Reporter
01 May 2016 at 07:33hrs | Views
A prominent Harare lawyer is demanding $2 000 from Nyaradzo Funeral Assurance Company for breach of contract after one of its bus drivers dumped mourners going to a funeral in Chivi, 25km before their destination.

Masvingo Mirror reported that the mourners who were travelling for Clarah Chishamba's funeral were left at Shokoni Business Centre instead of Chishamba Village in Chivi where burial was to take place.

The incident happened two weeks ago and the policy holder confirmed.

Prominent lawyer and law lecturer, Caleb Mucheche who was part of the cortege told Nyaradzo Chief Executive Officer, Philip Mataranyika in a scathing letter that mourners were dumped in the rain and at night.

He said the mourners were heavily drenched before small cars were organised to make trips to take them to the village.

"In a typical of adding insult to injury, the mourners were abandoned in the middle of the road at night in drizzle conditions and left stranded there whilst getting drenched in rain.

"The driver of the bus did not even have courtesy to mourners but unceremoniously ejected them from the bus in an undignified manner as if he was dealing with a bunch of common thieves at Mbare Musika," said Mucheche's letter.

Mucheche said in the letter that he saw no reason why the driver could not take the bus up to village because the road was good although it was a dust road. He said many other vehicles to the funeral went up to the doorsteps.

Mucheche said that vehicles had to be organised again to take mourners to the business centre where the Nyaradzo bus ranked.

He argued that leaving mourners before their destination was a breach of contract by Nyaradzo. He said an extra $2 000 was incurred in costs to make alternative arrangements and demanded that Nyaradzo make this compensation within seven days or face a lawsuit.

Nyaradzo had not responded to the letter of demand by the time of going to Press although it is understood that officials from the company visited the village.

Mucheche said Nyaradzo awfully contradicted its motto which depicts the funeral service company as Sahwira Mukuru (Dependable Buddie) by dumping mourners by the road side.

"The breach of contract arose from the fact that Nyaradzo Funeral Assurance Company bus dumped mourners who were going to attend a funeral, 25km before the actual destination at Shokoni Business Centre instead of Chishamba Village in Chivi.

"Your company prides itself as Sahwira Mukuru but the events of April 7, 2016 leaves a lot to be desired and dents the image which your company has been trying to portray. If anything, one can say that your company dismally failed to walk the talk," said Mucheche.

Source - Masvingo Mirror