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Njube has recorded the highest number of house breaking cases this year

by Mafu Sithabile
13 Sep 2013 at 12:04hrs | Views
According to police, HOUSE-BREAKING cases in Bulawayo have increased by about 16 percent, to 2 594 between January and August this year, from 2 241 for the same period last year.

Apparently most of the reported cases occurred in Njube suburb.

The development has prompted police in the city to intensify patrols and awareness campaigns, to bring relief to residents.

In a statement yesterday, police spokesperson for Bulawayo Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo advised residents to adequately secure their property to make it more difficult for thieves to break-in.

Insp Moyo said people could erect fences or walls around their homes or, resources permitting, have razor wire on top of the wall or fence and also keep dogs. "From January 2013 to August 2013, the province has recorded a total of 2 594 cases compared to 2 241 in the same period last year.

This indicates an increase of 353 cases.

"Most cases of burglaries occur at night, although we have isolated incidents that occur during the day, particularly early in the morning. Early morning burglaries usually occur in suburbs like Njube where toilets are outside the house. As people would be bathing in preparation to go to work, criminals take advantage and sneak into the house to steal," said Insp Moyo.

The police spokesperson further advised residents against leaving small but valuable gadgets like laptop computers, decoders and cellphones near windows as it made it easier for thieves to use pieces of wire to "fish" them out.

"Residents should also record serial numbers of all electric gadgets and where possible put own identification marks so that if the gadgets are stolen and recovered, they can be easily identified," he said.

He discouraged residents from buying goods from unregistered dealers, saying it increased the chances of providing criminals with a market for stolen property. Insp Moyo said it was important to leave premises under supervision of a trusted and responsible adult family member, relative or friend when going on holiday.

"Doors should be locked while windows must be closed especially at night when virtually everyone would be asleep. Lights must be switched off as keeping them on makes it easier for thieves to see inside the house and select what to steal, while the owners are asleep," he said.

Source - Byo24News

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