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Zanu-PF MPs and Mliswa reiterate call for removal of sanctions

by Staff reporter
26 Oct 2021 at 06:40hrs | Views
The Parliament of Zimbabwe has added its voice in denouncing the illegal sanctions imposed on the country by western countries, amid reports that the nation lost US$2 million that had been earmarked for procuring identity documents consumables due to the embargo.

Legislators were in Victoria Falls for a pre-budget seminar which ended yesterday and a Press conference was convened soon after end of the seminar and Parliament stood in solidarity with Government and Sadc in campaigning against sanctions.

Zanu-PF Chief Whip Pupurai Togarepi read the solidarity speech flanked by his opposition counterpart, Ms Paurina Mpariwa and other legislators.

"The 25th of October was declared by Sadc as a day for the region to show solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe and to call for the unconditional removal of the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the US and its western allies.

"With this in mind, the Members of Parliament of the Republic of Zimbabwe gathered here in Victoria Falls for the 2022 national pre-budget seminar to add our voice to this just cause. We reiterate the call for the immediate unconditional removal of the illegal economic embargo imposed on our country," said Togarepi.

He said the call for the removal of illegal sanctions has become a clarion call for the international community against unilateralism, unipolarism and heavy handedness by superpowers.

Togarepi said while the country's economy has been doing well, the negative impact of the sanctions continues to hamper economic growth.

"Just as an example, the Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage (Kazembe Kazembe) informed the august House recently that US$2 million which had been processed for national identity cards and passports consumables could not go through because of the illegal embargo.

"Clearly sanctions are real and are undermining progress on many fronts of the economy while at the same time retarding the growth that has been witnessed in several spheres. Within the economic sector, the private sector is either failing to secure capital for re-tooling or it's getting it at a high premium thereby making the sector very uncompetitive," said Togarepi.

He said Zimbabwe has been hampered in its efforts to access international markets and international credit.
The sanctions have caused massive unemployment, poverty, misery and untold suffering to the general populace especially the vulnerable members of society.

Togarepi said maintenance of the sanctions had undermined progress made by the Second Republic towards national integration, peace and security, with political parties uniting against the illegal sanctions.

"For workers the sanctions have increased the burden of care and thus compromising their ability to engage in a participatory democracy. The notion that sanctions are targeted is therefore a fa├žade. We as Parliamentarians representing all constituencies of our country have a responsibility to take the lead in this noble cause.

"Once again we unequivocally call for the immediate unconditional removal of the illegal sanctions. This will pave way for the full recovery of our economy while allowing free access to foreign currency from international financial markets like other countries

Ms Mpariwa said opposition parties are fully behind the removal of sanctions.

"We are very clear and our party leadership has also made it clear that sanctions are not hurting a few individuals but every citizen, including vulnerable members of the society hence they should be removed," she said.

Norton MP Mr Temba Mliswa reiterated the call for removal of sanctions, saying they are reversing progress the country has made.

Source - The Chronicle
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