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5 injured after Zanu-PF mob attacks Chamisa vehicle

by Staff reporter
12 Oct 2021 at 05:58hrs | Views
At least five MDC Alliance officials were treated for injuries on Monday after party leader Nelson Chamisa's convoy was attacked in Charumbira in Masvingo province, the party said.

MDC Alliance spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere blamed the attack on "rented" Zanu-PF mobs.

Chamisa was unhurt in the attack targeting a team driving ahead of him.

Mahere said in a statement: "Over 200 youths mobilised by Zanu-PF have violently attacked president Chamisa's convoy and advance team on their way to meet community leaders in Charumbira.

"They stoned cars, barricaded roads with burning logs and assaulted members of our team who've now been hospitalised.

"Cars were seen ferrying the rented crowd and co-ordinating the attacks as violent thugs held up printed posters."

Videos and pictures shared by the MDC Alliance showed at least one vehicle, a Toyota Fortuner used by Chamisa's security aides, with windows smashed and parts of the body damaged. Dozens of people carrying placards denouncing "sanctions" could be seen blocking a rural dirt road.

"This political violence that's being meted out at president Chamisa's delegation is cause for extreme concern and a clear act of desperation by a bankrupt, illegitimate regime that has failed," Mahere said.

"They are terrified of the unstoppable groundswell of citizen support for president Chamisa and the broad alliance forming in every village and every town to win Zimbabwe for change."

The MDC Alliance says Chamisa is engaging citizens, students and civic leaders to build a broad alliance for the 2023 elections. The MDC Alliance leader is traversing all the country's 10 provinces for the consultative meetings.

Youth secretary Ostallos Siziba claimed the attack on Chamisa's aides was an "assassination attempt" to stop him from a "resounding 2023 election victory."

"The attack on the president is a clear assassination programme by Zanu-PF unleashing its militia to directly attack the car of the president," Siziba said.

"The president's programme of mobilising six million votes is what took us to Masvingo. Our national annual theme is Citizens Convergence for Change, so we are convening with progressive citizens.

"The rural people are very clear that Nelson Chamisa is our only hope of bringing in total transformation in this country. Zanu-PF is unleashing its last tool on the shelf which is violence. We are prepared and aware, but we have ensured that the president is safe."

Source - ZimLive
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