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It's summer: Bring out the shorts and mini!

by Staff reporter
25 Sep 2021 at 06:02hrs | Views
Have you ever felt the thrill of seeing the sun in the sky after a long winter?

The feeling is like seeing the sunrise for the first time after a storm.

You find relief.

The sensation of heat piercing through your skin after approximately three long consecutively freezing months, is something out of this world.

May, June and July have become infamous to summer fashion lovers, who annually fall victim to the cold spell, forfeiting their style in the process.

Fashion in the obsolete three months has been characterised by layers upon layers of clothing as a temperature moderation measure against the unsympathetically cold weather.
Long coats, boots, sweaters, scarves, woollen hats among other garments became the style of the day.

People became moving wardrobes.

This year, 2021, has seen winter overlapping its anticipated period, penetrating into the first weeks of September triggering impatience to the enthusiastically waiting fashionistas.

However, mid-September the City of Kings and Queens caught a glimpse of its first rays and joy was seen among many, jerseys and long coats were packed away, boots and other winter wear are to be forgotten until next year.

The city streets have become colourful, with everyone putting on summer colours once again. It is attractive. A true imitation of a rainbow.

Girls are spotted free in summer dresses which go along with sandals while others tread in short, minis, tights and the now trending biker shorts, among other lightweight clothing. Men on the other hand, become flexible and effortlessly dress in jeans, tees and slopes. It is modest and impactful. Simple things make a difference.

Summer clothing aims to be easy to wear and easy to clean. Cotton, nylon, blends and silk rule with synthetics, a no-no during this time of the year because of their "wanted" quality of trapping heat.

Summer apparel and summer wear are ideal for a variety of lifestyles; from shoes to sunglasses and shorts, one cannot help, but enjoy spring and summer despite the heat.

The seasonal warm months have no distinct style; in fact, it might be regarded as having a bohemian unconventional feel to it. Summer dressing is all about a casual and effortless aesthetic that combines style and comfort.

It's sublime!

A must have in a girl's wardrobe during this time of the year is a black tiny dress. It's crucial. Whether you are preparing for a date, shopping spree, a wedding, or just a girl's night out, it is appropriate. It is proper summer attire and an appropriate summer style.

The aforementioned can go along with heels, slippers, sandals or even kicks. It is free and unrestricted, a girl has got to have peace of mind sometimes.

Dresses are always a stylish alternative throughout the summer, and diverse designs such as kimono sleeve dresses, shirt dresses, wrap dresses, jersey dresses, and so on highlight the season.

Summer shoes would include flip-flops, sandals and slides, while accessories that are a must consist of sunglasses, large brimmed hats and a portable umbrella. Have fun with light colours, floral patterns, and breezy clothes for spring and summer.

Women and girls can now take a break from heavy make-up and chunky jewellery for sunscreen and simplicity at all costs.

Ethnic jewellery, from carved bangles to intricate necklaces, add a dash of flavour to a simple outfit of jeans and tees.

Pretty florals and yummy colours in pink, blue, red and yellow are good for the summer days.

We cannot turn a blind eye on how the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on the usual summer activities such as swimming and pool parties, but you cannot let it affect your fashion sense as well.

Saturday Leisure caught up with fashionistas to find out their tastes on clothing in appreciation of the summer season.

"Summer requires you to dress in light clothes. For us ladies, a collection of different coloured dresses is paramount.

A lady can go for a week changing those dresses without any stress unlike in winter where you run out of warm clothing such as sweaters and coats, in summer a lady has to have a different testimony because the dresses are not as costly as the winter wear. Depending on your preferences others can go for shorts, tights, miniskirts as long as it makes the skin breathe it is essential for summer. Most people do not like bright colours, but trust me, they are ideal for this hot season.

"Not to forget jeans that are for every season. They can go along with crop tops, bandage tops, string tops or simple t-shirts. Just a tip off for the ladies, you might want to consider black slopes that can push you for a week without anyone realising that you never changed," said Prisca Zulu, a local model.

Godnew Mlotshwa, a local resident, said simplicity is key for men during the hot season.

"Being a man is a blessing because very few people pay attention to what you are wearing as compared to the ladies.

You can spend the whole day with someone and they can hardly remember what you are wearing when you depart.

However, we have to maintain smartness and that comes hand in glove with simplicity. For this weather I would best prefer sweat pants because they allow air circulation between the body and the fabric. Those can go along with short sleeved t-shirts and slides. This is the time to pack away the long sleeves and the heavy jeans we will see next year," said Mlotshwa.

Amanda Moyo, a hair consultant said it's essential for hair to breathe during the summer season.

"Another feature that compliments summer is your hair. If you can maintain it, let it flow, let the wind blow it. When temperatures are high it's advisable to stick to light hairstyles such as short manageable size weaves, Gel up, if you wish to braid your hair make sure the braids are not too crowded. Whatever style makes you comfortable there's no greater feeling than being confident about yourself. Some may even go for their natural hair.

"On hotter days you might want to tie it into a ponytail, because I know hair can be irritating and unbearable when it is hot. You could try different styles, play around with it. These days there is the internet one can never go wrong on keeping up with the trends. Short hair is also the way to go during summer as it allows your hair and scalp to breathe. We all need fresh air sometimes. Besides, it's now a trend to have short hair nowadays. Going all natural and magnificent," Zulu said.

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