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Teachers pen O-Level IsiNdebele textbooks

by Staff reporter
03 Aug 2021 at 07:19hrs | Views
TWO teachers have co-written two IsiNdebele text books for ordinary level pupils in line with the competency-based curriculum. Titled Asifunde IsiNdebele book 3 and 4, the books are designed to prepare pupils for their final O' level examinations.

The books, co-authored by Mr Mihlayifani Ndlovu, a teacher at Siansundu High School in Binga and Ms Nomagugu Dube who teaches at Academic Advantage Tutorials College in Bulawayo, have been approved by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. Nomagugu Dube.

"The old curriculum textbooks are not aligned to the new competency-based curriculum syllabus. We came up with new textbooks that address the demand of the new development with the syllabus. Our textbooks are rich in language structures, language usage, idioms, proverbs, comprehension reading, and answering skills among others to also prepare pupils for the demands of the final examination," said Mr Ndlovu.

He said the textbooks also have end of term examinations to help prepare pupils to respond to questions under the new competency-based curriculum.

Mr Ndlovu said they responded to an advertisement flighted by a local publishing house, the Secondary Book Press calling for authors to write school text books. He said they decided to write more books and IsiNdebele novels to enrich the language.

"Our language is under siege due to advances in technology and globalisation. But we must guard against such external forces that can lead to the distortion of our language. It is my passion to preserve the IsiNdebele language so that our language remains pure," he said.

Ms Dube said she was inspired to write in isiNdebele because she had observed how teachers struggle to teach due to the shortage of textbooks in indigenous languages.

"I had been writing short texts and poems before I saw an advert from Secondary Book Press soliciting for IsiNdebele writers and I quickly jumped at the chance. This is my first official publication and I am looking forward to a continuous relationship with the publishing house as we strive to promote our local language," she said.

The two appealed to schools, parents, and pupils to buy the books at the legal selling points so that they can continue with their work. They said they tried their best to ensure that the challenges of spelling mistakes and grammar that have been seen on the IsiNdebele textbooks resulting in public outcry are addressed.

Source - the herald

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