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BCC seeks $4,2bn for infrastructure rehab

by Staff reporter
10 Jan 2021 at 21:00hrs | Views
BULAWAYO City Council has approached the Local Government ministry seeking permission to borrow over $4,2 billion for rehabilitation of its infrastructure, acquisition of new plant, equipment and vehicles, among other projects.

The city is struggling to provide services to residents due to a collapsed sewage and water reticulation system, road network and equipment challenges among many other challenges.

In a notice on Friday, town clerk Christopher Dube said: "Notice is hereby given in terms of section 290 of the Urban Councils Act Chapter 29:15 that subject to the consent of the Minister of Local Government and Public Works being obtained, council is proposing to borrow $ 4 223 548 498 or its equivalent US$51 886 345 to finance capital projects."

Dube said US$17 822 048 ($1 450 714 698) was required for water infrastructure rehabilitation, US$4 089 803 ($332 910 000) for sewerage infrastructure, US$10 607 494 ($863 450 000) for acquisition and development of land, US$10 992 000 ($894 748 800) for roads construction and rehabilitation US$5 000 000 or $407 000 000 for a new landfill site and cell development while US$3 375 000 ($274 725 000) is needed for acquisition of plant, equipment and vehicles.

Dube said ratepayers who wished to object to the proposed projects should lodge their reservations in writing not later than January 31.

In September last year, the council announced a budget of over $17,1 billion for 2021 and a supplementary budget of $2,85 billion to ensure seamless service delivery.

The council complained that ratepayers, who include government departments, were not paying bills prompting it to accumulate $441,6 million arrears as of September last year.

The council stated that at that time, it owed creditors $401,8 million.

Source - newsday