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Newcastle Student and 4Cs fundraises to replace kerosene lights with Solar lamps in Zimbabwe

by Staff Reporter
18 Mar 2015 at 19:42hrs | Views

Newcastle: Teaming up with her local community and the Charity 4Cs-Gwen Taiwo is hosting a quad-themed, wedding cat walk show the North east town has ever had. This first ever, such showcase of this kind is opening its doors to the public on the 20th of March from 6pm-8pm in Newcastle College. It is raising funds for Solar Lamps to be donated to one of the disadvantaged and orphanage school in Africa. The Mayor of Gateshead, Councillor Neil Weatherly will grace the event

The show will have four themes, all made for different types of wedding catwalk. First theme starts the catwalk with a South African Zulu traditional Wedding, followed by a Nigerian Yoruba traditional Wedding; this is followed by an Asian Traditional Wedding and English Wedding catwalk
The aims of the show is not only to raise funds for replacing kerosene lamps with solar-based household lighting in one community in Africa but will also educate and demonstrate to the audience through the 4Cs's current work, how to take care of their environment by recycling, re-using already available materials within the North East region and limiting waste sent to landfills.

Gwen who is an Events Management student at Newcastle College choose the
Gateshead charity 'The4Cs - Climate Change Community Champions' which was recently selected by his Worshipful the Mayor of Gateshead ,Councillor Neil Weatherley  as his chosen local charity to work with during his term in office to hold the first ever big Quad themed-wedding Catwalk in the region.
She has become aware of effects on people's health caused by environmentally unfriendly products widely used in poverty stricken zones through her voluntary association with a local church that provides for less fortunate community. Gwen was touched by the stories of kerosene lights and its effects to parts of African communities who possess only these as source for light. She is determine to use her time as a volunteer and the new skills she is gaining through the College for positive service to communities at large

The partnership to make this entertaining, educational and life saving wedding catwalk show has received a lot of support from the local community including prominent and professional footballers from Newcastle United who have pledged two match tickets and signed official football t-shirts for the raffle prices at the event. Local food outlet Nandos metro centre has donated a family meal. In-kind support of wines and boxes of chocolate are also donated.
The4Cs charity was founded in 2013 and has been going strong since then with two green Fashion show aimed at highlighting recycling methods. The4Cs has also partnered with 3 local schools on how to construct a greenhouse from scratch using recycled 2 litre empty soda bottles. The charity has already sourced over £700 and bought 50 solar lamps and stationery which will soon be sent to rural Robert Sinyoka project in Zimbabwe.

Robert Sinyoka Primary School Zimbabwe Bulawayo

The 4Cs Chairman, Phil Noble said he is looking forward to the event and is grateful for this wonderful support and contribution to the wider aims of 4Cs from Newcastle students and the community at large.

"This goes to show how much goodness is still left in people in general and this local community as a positive force for a better world" Phil said.

Pupils at Robert Sinyoka Primary School in Bulawayo

When asked to comment on the challenges to host the show, Gwen the lead organiser said the show was a great and potential community engaging concept and "we are sure this first four themed wedding catwalk event will be a success judging from the numbers of participants and volunteers from the close communities that have registered". The show is likely to be sell-out as we constantly have to reprint tickets for new orders.

The event will feature the Fanuel Kapumha Music band, Kevin Ditshego-Taiwo and a few speeches from the Mayor of Gateshaed, the4CS Chairman and some of the people that the event has touched.
Some of the advantages of solar lamps in rural areas environment include:
 - Improved Literacy rate - children read after dark more easily and school work improves.

 - Improved Health issues - kerosene lamps fumes in poorly ventilated houses are a serious health problem. World Bank estimates that 780 million women and children breathing kerosene fumes inhale the equivalent of smoke from 2 packs of cigarettes a day.

 - Extends the Working day - allows businesses to operate during the evening and promotes local enterprises.

Source - Byo24News