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America slaps notorious African army General with stiff sanctions

by Mandla Ndlovu
08 Aug 2020 at 19:42hrs | Views
United States of America has responded to a global call by the United Nations for all UN member states to implement sanctions on Bi Sidi Souleman who leads the Central African Republic (CAR)-based militia group Retour, Réclamation, Réhabilitation (3R) which has killed, tortured, raped, and displaced civilians and engaged in arms trafficking, illegal taxation activities, and warfare with other militias since its creation in 2015.

Bi Sidi Souleman himself has also participated in torture.

In a statement on Friday, the United States announced that it has taken action against the notorious leader of a murderous group that has committed numerous human rights abuses and displaced thousands of people in the Central African Republic (CAR) since 2015.

The United States acted pursuant to Executive Order 13667 and alongside the UN in designating Bi Sidi Souleymane, also known as Sidiki Abbas, who leads the Central African Republic based militia group Return, Reclamation, Rehabilitation (3R). On September 27, 2016, 3R raided the village of De Gaulle, killing at least 17 villagers, and raping women and girls.

Souleymane was designated for being responsible for the targeting of women, children, or civilians through the commission of acts of violence, abduction, forced displacement, or attacks on civilian, religious, or locations where civilians are seeking refuge, or through conduct that would constitute a serious abuse or violation of human rights or a violation of international humanitarian law.

Source - Byo24News

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