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Zimbabwean man wins lotto in Canada

by Staff Writer
08 Apr 2020 at 14:15hrs | Views
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash
If ever Onismos Murambiwa second guessed his decision to move to Canada, winning the lotto surely changed things.

Born and bred in Zimbabwe, this 47-year-old father of three could not believe his luck after winning a one million dollar jackpot. The year definitely started off on a good note for Mr Murambiwa after he instantly became a millionaire on the 19th of February 2020.

Mr Murambiwa, who is based in Brampton, Canada won the money after taking a bet on the 6/49 lotto draw. He realised his win after checking his "winning ticket" by using the Ticket Checker at a local retailer.

Upon discovering his win, Mr Onismo Murambiwa admitted that he had a hard time believing that he'd truly won. As such he repeatedly scanned his ticket to confirm if he had indeed won.

He even went as far as taking a photograph of the Ticket Checker in case his "claims" were dismissed! That's how visibly shocked the man was.

"I don't know what to say - this feels like a dream" were the words uttered by this instant millionaire. And we can't say we're surprised. Winning that amount of money is enough to leave anyone speechless.

What Does He Plan to do with His Winnings?
So, was this the first time he had handled such large monetary figures? No. Mr Murambiwa is a realtor by profession. As such, he mentioned that he's used to handling cheques with large amounts of money all the time in his line of business. The only difference is that these huge amounts of money were never his as is the case with this one million dollar win!

When asked about his plans with his new found wealth, Mr Onismo Murambiwa said that he planned to spoil himself by purchasing a car. Being a sensible family man, he also mentioned that he plans to put up the rest of his money into savings.

What Does it Take to Win the Jackpot?
The honest truth is that with any form of gambling activity, luck definitely plays a huge role. But we'll quickly point out that not all winnings are based on luck. Whether you're playing blackjack and other games, any gambling enthusiast agrees that it takes a level of skill, practice and patience.

When interviewed, a few winners admitted to being strategic about the whole process and not relying entirely on the luck of the draw. To increase your chances of securing that life-changing win, do your research.

Read up on tips to choose lucky numbers to find out how you can up your odds of picking the numbers that could change your life.

Many numerologists do believe that certain numbers in your life can be significant and define who you are & what happens to you. This could be a specific number that's associated with positive events or memories in your life. It could also be your child's birthday or wedding anniversary.

On the other hand, this also means avoiding using numbers that are deemed unlucky and those that are associated with unfavourable events in your life.

If you're not a firm believer in using numerology to play the lottery, consider the frequency of your plays. By betting regularly the odds of winning go up in your favour compared to if you only do so once in a while. Plus, with betting experience on your side, you avoid making little mistakes through unfamiliarity that can cost you a win.

Conducting a system bet can also increase your likelihood of winning. Even if you don't bag the grand prize, you might win other consolation prizes. With this method, the system picks the numbers automatically for you. And with a system bet, you can win even if all your numbers aren't correct.

Another option is to join a lottery syndicate. If playing on your own doesn't seem fruitful, teamwork can very well be the solution. In this case, you team up with other people and play the lottery together. You pool your money together and purchase multiple tickets collectively. With this method, you significantly increase your chances of winning. If you do win, you simply share the money between yourselves.

It's clear from the above that your options are endless. You could be the next story we end up writing about! But again, whatever method you use, never forget that LUCK must definitely be on your side and that nothing can guarantee you a safe bet.

Congratulations to Mr. Onismo Murambiwa, may your luck never run out!
Source - Byo24News

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