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MDC Reading donate to local Charity, whilst ZANU PF starves Zimbabweans and puts High Duty rates on even family Food gifts

by Thabo Makuyana
27 Sep 2019 at 11:44hrs | Views
In the true spirit of Ubuntu, on Saturday 21st September 2019, the MDC Reading branch members showed that they care about others less fortunate than themselves.  With the united nations currently feeding millions of starving Zimbabweans in the former bread basket, which has now been turned into a basket case by ZANU PF, that does not help those in the diaspora help fellow Zimbabweans, MDC Alliance Zimbabweans did what has been instilled into them from a young age, they shared.

On arrival at Readi Food bank, which is run by Faith Christian Group (Reading), the food, most of which had been purchased earlier in the day, with a little from the homes of the MDC Reading members, was put on the floor outside first, for an initial hand over and then it was put into trollies and taken into the food bank sorting area.

The Food bank sorting area, showed all, what it was like and had some of the members asking the food bank organisers if they need more volunteers at the food bank.  “We always need extra help, replied Mary Lewis.

Mary Lewis, who is one of the organisers of the Food bank, then thanked the MDC Reading team for the donations and then asked, “what are you doing to help those in Zimbabwe,” who are currently suffering under the brutal failed governance of ZANU PF.

Charles Mararikwenda, MDC Reading Chairperson then responded saying, MDC reading has in the past fundraised for the jailed political prisoners and the jailed human rights Activists,” such as Last maengahama and Farirai Gumbonzvanda.  He then intimated that MDC Reading would more than likely be fundraising again for the political and human rights Prisoners   One of the members then added  that sending food to Zimbabwe was too expensive due to the very high duty rates.  “If the duty and VAT on food was zeroed, we would send so much in donations of food to Zimbabwe, but because of the high duty and VAT in Zimbabwean imports of food, we can not do anything.

A special thank you goes to all those who attended.  This was started by MDC Reading Organising Secretary, Deborah Harry.  Those who attended were, Charles Mararirakwenda (Chairperson Reading Branch), Jarson Chibvupe (Vice Secretary Reading Branch), Norah Boman (Womens Chairperson), Deborah Harry (Organising Secretary), Norah Bomani, Anna Chikoti (Vice Organising Secretary) and Thabo Makuyana (Vice Infomation and Publicity).

After the Charity event, some Reading MDC Alliance members went to demonstrate outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, which had been planned to coincide with the MDC North America protest at the United Nations, where Vuka Zimbabwe was in attendance.

Source - Thabo Makuyana