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What follows the flight of Foreigners is the flight of money

by Thabo Makuyana
11 Sep 2019 at 11:24hrs | Views
Today, Africans from various Countries are holding a Protest outside the South African Consulate in London.  It has now closed.

With videos of foreigners being brutally abused and sometimes killed by barbaric crowds in South Africa or being warned not to stay in South Africa continuously emerging, the trend is more than just worrying.  The Xenophobia has led to the killing of bread winners.   Thus leaving many families affected in absolute destitution.  In one of the worst cases.  A young Zimbabwean Widow is without a home, without money, without an income whilst at the same time having two children with the youngest being just 6 weeks old and being in a foreign land without the usual family and friends support structures.  Then as if all that was not enough, she is having the added burden of personally arranging for the repatriation of her late husbands body to Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately this day shall forever be known as the day the Twin Towers in New York came down.  It will also now without doubt also be known in London as the day Africans United in London Trafalgar Square in a push to try and end Xenophobia.  

Despite so many people, young and old, spanning the length and breadth of Africa at least showing solidarity with and at most paying the ultimate sacrifice for a land many have never set foot in (South Africa), as said by so many former South African freedom fighters who lived outside of South Africa, during the apartheid era, these words seem to have unfortunately rung hollow and fallen on some deaf ears.

With Front line States being bombed by the Apartheid regime, and the then Apartheid army conducting raids in the Front Line States, the loss of so many lives in free and independent countries, the lack of respecting a neighbouring country's sovereignty by Apartheid South Africa, one wonders why they (the free countries) didn't just march their armies into Apartheid South Africa?  

The simple answer is, "The black South Africans were being used as human shields for the Apartheid regime and at that time, South Africa was a Nuclear armed nation.

With former Presidents such as the late great man Nelson Mandela, Jacob Zuma and others going out of their way so many times to thank African States and African Statesmen for standing side by side with South Africa, one wonders what has led to this sudden bout Amnesia in the people of South Africa.  It is Even more worrying, when the amnesia comes from an actual serving Deputy Minister of Police in South Africa.

Zimbabweans, Ugandans and Mozambicans know that, "what follows the flight of foreigners is the flight of money.  After one set of people's are vilified for political gain, another set will be sought and found.

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Source - Thabo Makuyana