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'COVID-19 a weapon against humanity'

by Stephen Jakes
07 Apr 2020 at 08:42hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Libertation Front spokesperson Chrispen Nyoni has said Covid 19 is a weapon against humanity.

"As more information on this deadlier {convid-19} than HIV/AIDS pandemic unfolds, there is more evidence that is coming out regarding a variety of medicinal solutions," Nyoni said.

"Mthwakazi peoples must be very careful and observant so that we are not used as "guinea pigs" in the wake of so many well-wishers bringing in corona vaccines in the guise of helping when they are actually experimenting on us. Desperate governments, like the Zimbabwean one, can willingly be the recipients of those donated medicines that can be extended to the people."

Nyopni said  Zanu PF government cannot do that for free, but can do that in exchange for some forms of stipends on the other hand.

"Stinkingly corrupt as it is, it is planning on how to cash in on this pandemic which has become globally in extent. Remember, Zimbabwe has since 1980, had this habit of trying to appease the people by visiting the western countries, soliciting for help. It became a government of beggars and the people being the recipients of whatever was begged. So many things have been dumped on the people in the guise of aid," Nyoni said.

"Unsuspectingly, the people have been the willing consumers of the donated stuffs, ranging from food, farming crop seeds and a lot more. In DRC, the government has agreed to be used as a testing ground for medicines coming from the western countries. One would observe that, since they {the West} are the hardest hit, by the corona virus; they would be the ones being the recipients of the medications before it's extended to African countries."

MLF spokesperson said unfortunately that is not the case and they then choose African countries as experimental control tools.

"There are a number of reasons for that. The reason coming upfront is that, Africa is a poor continent that will be hardestly hit by the corona pandemic so it needs some help so as to combat the pandemic. Then a lot of medicines, in their different shapes and forms, are seconded to African countries whose governments are always willing recipients," he said.

"What a hypocritical reason! To the conscious, that is a deceitful excuse used for being allowed to carry out their experiments. Mthwakazi peoples, let's be vigilant so that we are not used as guinea pigs by the unscrupulous medical corporates working hand in hand with the Zimbabwean government."

Nyoni said the depth of the crisis, in respect of this corona virus, is very serious.

"We as Mthwakazi people, we may not have declared convid-19 victims, but we are not sure of what will happen as we live into the future which is the next second, minute, hour, day, week etc that we are to live.  So we must be careful in all we do. Our decisions may be fatal. Let's be decisive on everything or actions we engage in," he said.
"This pandemic has come with some terms being coined by those who are in the medical fraternity, such terms like-social distancing. This has a meaning related to the convid-19. It may mean different things to different people. But it would have been better if the term used would have been physical distancing as it is exactly what is being inferred to by social distancing phrase. Self-quarantining ourselves is definitely not social distancing but social physical distancing, which is actually social physical un-closeness to so many people. Mthwakazi, take care!"

Source - Byo24News