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Zicorba ushers the majority of Zimbabweans into commercial rabbit production

by Lloyd Mangoh
21 Oct 2020 at 07:27hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Commercial Rabbit Breeders Association (Zicorba) was mooted in June 2020 by a group of like-minded persons during a WhatsApp discussion, setting a stage for what has become household name in rabbit production in Zimbabwe.

"The idea was to usher the majority of Zimbabweans into commercial rabbit production, which for years has been a preserve of a few," says Regis Nyamakanga, the Secretary General of Zicorba, in an interview.

"Elections for the national executive were held in June 2020 and the interim National Executive was tasked with opening of a national office, setting up regional structures in all the country's 10 provinces and the convening of the Association's first Annual General Meeting and elections for substantive National Executive pencilled in for December 2020.

Other key tasks of the interim executive include crafting and presenting a draft constitution to members to for their approval, registration of the Association with the Livestock and Meat Advisory Council of Zimbabwe and setting up the Association's website, Facebook account, Twitter handle and Instagram page." Said the Secretary General.

Nyamakanga said the objectives are association were crafted in a manner that would create, strengthen and develop commercial rabbit farming into a game changer in the meat livestock industry.  

"Zicorba seeks to promote, encourage, and develop commercial rabbit breeding, processing and consumption in Zimbabwe. We also aim to promote research and development on rabbit breeding, processing and marketing whilst lobbying for the interests of players in the rabbit industry in Zimbabwe.  

Through holding of field days, shows and exhibitions we aim to promote best practice in rabbit production in Zimbabwe as well as encourage and create rabbit production value-chain and market linkages.

We also want to ensure employment creation and improved livelihoods by encouraging youth to venture into rabbit production, and to offer training to budding rabbit breeders," Nyamakanga said.

He added that some of the benefits of the Association include exhibitions and shows, training and workshops, access market information and marketing opportunities, and the provision of breeding stock, semen and stud buck at concessionary rates.

 "Although our membership is drawn from people who own and are actively engaged in breeding, rearing and marketing of rabbits, any Zimbabwean of good character and reputation may become a member upon payment of dues. The idea is to broaden the participation of 1.8 million households in the country into commercial rabbit production," Nyamakanga said.

Mr Godknows Guvamombe a renowned rabbit breeder and trainer welcomed the creation of Zicorba as it signalled a paradigm shift and the dawn of a new era in rabbit farming and marketing in Zimbabwe.  

"The Creation of this organisation is a blessing for serious farmers in terms of breeding stocks, meat, fur, urine, and skins. From what we have witnessed so far, Zicorba has big plans when it comes to the above products in terms of market creation and distribution. As farmers we need to support the organisation by producing quality products to meet the demands of our consumers both local and abroad." He said.

Guvamombe was very optimistic about the future of commercial rabbit farming as a result of Zicorba's proposed interventions and strategies.

"The opportunities for commercial rabbit in Zimbabwe is very high considering how the Zimbabwean s are good farmers when they do it they do it while heartedly and with Zicorba's vision l can see us going very far and even exporting in no time. Maybe we need to identify only two or three breeds of rabbit s that members must produce mostly because of their meat to bone ratios like New Zealand white California and Chinchilla. With the above breeds and good farming practices l can see commercial rabbits in Zimbabwe going very far," Guvamombe said.

Zicorba membership fees are structured as follows; joining fee for Individual Membership is equivalent to a once off fee of US $10.00 and thereafter, US $36.00 annually or its equivalent in Zimbabwean dollars, payable in four (4) equal instalments of US $9.00 every quarter.

Joining fee for Family Membership is a once off fee of US $15.00 for two people and thereafter US $48.00 per year for two people, payable in 4 equal instalments of US $12.00 every quarter. This is for a maximum of two members, either husband and wife, or in the case of single parent, parent and son or daughter.

Joining fee for Corporate Membership is a once off fee of US$ 20.00 and thereafter annual fee of $60 payable in 4 equal instalments of US$ 15.00.  Corporate will have one voting right at the AGM.

Source - Lloyd Mangoh

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