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Suspect escapes as prison guards sleep on duty

by Staff Reporter
18 Aug 2015 at 16:18hrs | Views
The police in Oshana Namibia have opened a case of negligence against its own members after a suspect, who was taken to hospital, made a daring escape while under the watch of some policemen who seem to have literally slept on duty.

The New Era reported that the suspect, who claimed he was shot during his arrest and was thus admitted to Oshakati Intermediate Hospital's Ward Three for treatment, will face an additional charge of escaping from lawful custody if and when he is apprehended.

It is alleged the suspect fled the hospital leaving behind the handcuffs on the bed. The escaped suspect and an accomplice were initially arrested on Friday night for suspected house breaking and malicious damage to property after allegedly breaking into Mokasa Bar at Evululuko location on Friday night.

Acting Regional Commander in Oshana Region, Deputy Commissioner Rauha Amwele, confirmed the incident yesterday.

The president of NEFF, Epafras Mukwiilongo, to whom the bar belongs, said the suspect was spotted in a taxi by a barlady, who had gone to buy prepaid electricity from Oneshila.

"She called and told me that she saw the person, who was in a taxi wearing the same clothes as when he was arrested. When I called the police, they confirmed that the suspect had escaped," said Mukwiilongo.

Mukwiilongo said he had earlier received a telephone call from the bartender that there was a break-in at the bar. He said he grabbed his rifle and rushed to the bar, where he found two men squatting behind the bar.

He then allegedly fired three warning shots before proceeding into the bar. He further related that when he got into the bar one of the suspects had already fled, while another managed to hide at the nearby mini-market, where the police later found him.

One of the suspects is ironically a security guard who was on duty at the time, but apparently left his station to partake in the burglary. The security guard allegedly went back to his duty station after the failed burglary attempt.

This detail came to light when the second suspect, who was arrested at Oneshila, gave the names and details of five other people involved in the robbery. All the stolen items were reportedly found stashed behind Mokasa Bar. Four of the suspects are still on the run.

Source - The New Era

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