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NGO plans Africa's self-determination, sovereign development programmes to fight Covid-19

by Stephen Jakes
26 Jul 2020 at 11:05hrs | Views
A non-governmental organisation -  International Coalition Against Coronavirus (ICAC) is planning to conduct programmes that are meant to enable Africa to have self-determination, sovereign development programmes as a way of empowering citizens in the continent to fight against covid 19.

This was revealed by the ICAC President Toure Moussa Zeguen  in an interview.

"We are an organisation of Self détermination and sovereign développement of Africans for Africa. This means that we are facing the Crisis of covid19 with responsibility and dignity. So refusing to be the bins of the West or to wait for assistance from others is very fundamental and key to our solution and future for Africa," he said.

"This psychological and ideological starting point lead us to the self empowerment and autonomous initiatives from Africans themselves in order to solve every question and situation. Our organisation was set up as the African Answer to the pandemy of covid19."

He said ICAC will give guidance to Africans and governments for self détermination on every side of the living conditions.

"We as ICAC décided to draw a line between Africa and the others because we are convinced that at least 50 percent of the reasons of the African under development are external reasons linked to foreign pressure, policies, wars, exploitation, inequal rules  and practices in international relations started since slavery, colonialism to neo colonialism today," he said.

"So the closing of international borders and even inside countries should push African people to understand their solutions to every situation in our countries or local borders. The Roadmap of ICAC stated it clearly that there must be an African way of doing things and solving Crisis like this covid19."

"We are campaigning towards our people and governments to encourage the local Know-How, scientifique, cultural, ancestral powers during this global Crisis."

He said they are calling upon various traditional and modern scientists to unite and find solutions for this virus because in réality it has not found any réal solution.

"We invited African leaders via the African Union and sub regional organisations to organise an African Colloquium on covid19 and the way forward. Until today we are still campaigning for that in every country not with confrontation but in explaining diplomatically what we should be doing as Africans and their leaderships in Unity for our own interests facing the International pressure and Global western Imperialist policies of domination," Moussa Zeguen said.

"Today we are encouraging Africans to find our own médecines, foods and our self oriented economic policies for our développement according to our culture, ideology and vision. So people should not be expecting from ICAC to only implement western policies of being everything from everyone everywhere because this is why they think they have the right to impose their vaccines and deadly médecines and ways of doing things."

Moussa Zeguen said ICAC wants to promote a social and cultural transformation of mindsets and ways of doing, solving problems that will lead to the True and fundamental développement for human beings and the environment in Africa.

"ICAC will be promoting the African agriculture, environmental, economical, Industrial new ways of action enlightened by the vision of African Unity.  We will therefore find alternative answers to every problem facing our continent today.
This is where we are trying to go and share with African people and leaders in solidarity with the International Community. Nothing should be imposed upon us," he said.

"Today having said that ICAC will be leading global, structural changes and transformation for the definitive liberation of our African Continent and of the human race. This is how we see the new role of the African Civil Society organisation like ICAC, because our ideology is not dependent on western bourgeois way of understanding and doing things."

"We must very quickly defeat Covid19 with True self determination and True solidarity in mutual respect between every nations and people for an Universal justice and equality."

He said communities of Africans will be the leading forces of  African transformation.

"This is why we are trying to mobilise political, trade unions, cultural, intellectual, traditional, Community leaders to unite and act together and free Afrika in a Global African Network of Self détermination actions," Moussa Zeguen said.

Source - Byo24News