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Why internationals visit Zimbabwe in peak tourist seasons

by Staff Writer
06 Aug 2020 at 09:12hrs | Views
Zimbabwe reported 1.8 million international visits in 2018. This number was a 4 percent increase from 2017. Why are internationals interested in Zimbabwe, a country located in Southern Africa? The country is home to more than 14.5 million people. The population continues to gradually increase each year. If you have not decided on a tourist destination for your next vacation, you should definitely consider Zimbabwe. The locals are friendly and welcoming to international tourists. If you decide to go this route, you need to start filling your itinerary with the top tourist destination in the country. Below, a list of destinations that should be included in your travel itinerary.

Safari Expeditions
There are several companies that offer safari expeditions to tourists. The prices are very affordable for singles, couples, and families. If you are an avid enthusiast of wildlife, a safari is exactly what you need. South Africa is filled with amazing wildlife adventures that offer something for all age groups.

Safari tour companies generally provide their customers with a high level of security when out in the wild. You will be taken deep into the wilderness in jeeps. Your ride will be comfortable and safe while you get to see some of the world's most exotic animals in their natural habitats.
Zimbabwe's is home to one of the largest wildlife reserves in the world. It measures 15,000-square kilometers from end to end. The game reserve serves 400 species of birds and hundreds of mammal species. On a good day, it is possible to spot many of these animals on a single safari expedition.

Safari expeditions can last anywhere between one to four hours or longer. So, be sure to leave your schedule open for the entire day. You definitely do not want to be pressured into exiting the safari before it comes to an end.

Most safari expeditions include lunch, at which time you are permitted out of the jeep to stretch your legs. You can take this opportunity to refresh your mind with an online casino game. But, remember, time is of the essence during wildlife safaris, especially this one.

Great Zimbabwe Historical Exploration
Many historical enthusiasts visit Zimbabwe each year to explore Great Zimbabwe, a city located in Masvingo. Hundreds of people visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site daily during the peak tourist season. The site features buildings that date back to the 13th and 14th centuries. Visitors are permitted to explore the ruin on their own or with a tour guide. It is open almost every day of the week, excluding some holidays.

As the once capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe, the UNESCO historical site covers approximately 2,000 acres. It is the favorite go-to place for local photographers, videographers, and historical enthusiasts. If you want to take a trip back in time, UNESCO is a must-see. Be sure to add this wonderful opportunity to your Zimbabwe travel itinerary.

You can explore the site at your own pace is in a group. But, it is recommended to schedule your trip early in the morning. During this time, the site will be pretty much open for you to explore. If you get lucky, you will not meet another human until your adventure comes to an end.

Take A Trip Back In Time
Have you ever thought about how humans survived on earth during the Stone Age? Well, this is your opportunity to find out. The Matoboo Hills dates back to the Stone Age, at which time it was inhabited by both humans and animals. The site consists of deep caves and massive boulders that were once utilized for shelter.

The most amazing feature of the Mataboo Hills is the hieroglyphics, writings on the stones. The interior walls of many caves are filled with drawings that date back nearly 2,000 years ago. If you are going to visit the Matoboo Hills historical site during your visit, be prepared for a few hours. Bring your camera or video camera to capture some of the history to take back home. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for history enthusiasts, photographers, and videographers.
If you plan on exploring the entire site, it is recommended to bring plenty of refreshments. During the summer, temperatures are known to scale up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius).

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