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Honeymoon in Hawaii: The Island of Oahu

by Agencies
25 Dec 2017 at 15:00hrs | Views
Oahu is an insanely beautiful island, it is the third largest in the Hawaiian archipelago and, probably, the most famous. Do you remember the incredibly beautiful, paradise beaches and luscious tropical thickets in the TV series LOST or in Jurassic Park? You have surely heard about Pearl Harbor, and maybe, have watched the movie. Anyway, all these masterpieces of cinematography were filmed on the island. This is Oahu, and this is one of the best Hawaii honeymoon destinations that will tell about.

Hawaii honeymoon resorts.

If you want to spend your honeymoon with the maximal comfort, and don't want to worry about anything, then it is better to choose hotels that offer all the possible options for all-inclusive Hawaii honeymoon. All the following resorts are quite expensive and will form the greater part of the Hawaii honeymoon cost. However, if you want to get all-inclusive and to have the best Hawaii honeymoon, your expectations will be met if you choose Hilton Waikiki Beach, Turtle Bay Resort, The Kahala Hotel & Resort, Paradise Bay Resort Hawaii or Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.
What to do on the island on honeymoon.

1. North Shore.
First of all, go to the north coast to see the real waves at Sunset Beach. Feel the power and strength of the ocean with every cell of your body, watching the smart surfers, and promise yourself that someday you can do the same.

Take a stroll through the streets of Waimea, filled with surf culture and the atmosphere of love for the ocean, the sun, palm trees, waves, and life. Choose any cafe you like with pleasant music and tanned surfers, order something insanely delicious, taking part in this celebration of life, your honeymoon is the best time for that. Go to Haleiwa, get comfortable on the beach and enjoy the most beautiful sunset!

2. East Shore.
When you get tired of surfing and want to relax, lying lazily on a white soft sand, and to swim in azure water without waves, go to the east coast. Waimanalo Beach Park is one love. Here you will see the extremely beautiful ocean that is, at the same time, the most uninhabited. Kualoa Regional Park is great, although few people mention it. Both of these places are very far from the signs of civilization, so on the way, you should look at Whole Foods in Lanikai to buy something delicious and useful.

3. Shrimp Plate, Acai Bowl, and Pineapples.

A plate with shrimps is probably the most classic Hawaiian meal, it is loved by the locals. You can buy this tasty food in colorful vans, they can be found all over the island, along roads, beaches, and parks or in small towns. Shrimps are cooked with a variety of sauces. They are always served with rice and a salad of fresh vegetables.

Acai bowl is a large deep dish with a smoothie made of Acai berries, seasoned with various fruits and berries in various combinations. It's very delicious, useful and so in Hawaiian way! The best bowls on the North coast are in the town of Haleiwa bowls.

A pineapple is the most delicious and useful snack. You can take it to the park at the beach for a picnic. Order a pineapple acai bowl and finally try to find a Hawaiian pizza with pineapple. If you have not guessed yet, Hawaii is truly the habitat of pineapples.

On Oahu, by the way, there is the main pineapple plantation, Dole. It is open to visitors and offers a variety of tours.

4. Waikiki.
This is the heart of tourist Oahu. You can find everything here, including sandy beaches, and the opportunity to try surfing under the guidance of instructors and in the company of hundreds of people. There is a beautiful promenade along the beach, planted with beautiful slender palm trees, along the Kalakaua Ave.

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