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Incorporate these tips for unforgettable postcards

by Staff Writer
11 Oct 2019 at 14:18hrs | Views
Postcards are like pre-invites to a wedding and are typically sent from 6 months to a year before the wedding. They are usually less comprehensive than a formal invite and seek to give guests sufficient time to clear their calendars so that the wedding attendance won't be an issue.

Moreover, they give guests a chance to opt-out of the occasion in advance, making it easy for you to make a reasonably projected headcount for your occasion. If you're looking to send an unforgettable postcard, MagnetStreet offers creative and unique options. Here's a list of tips you want to consider when thinking of sending a postcard.

Tips for making memorable Postcards

Use an important theme

While it's advisable to have distinct ideas, don't lose sight of what's significant. It's not bad to go for trendy or arbitrary themes, but things will be special if the theme has meaning to the couple.

Select a proficient printing company
This isn't a project you want to complete on a printer at home. For starters, your wedding is special, so it pays to have such a significant project accomplished correctly. A professional printer from companies like MagnetStreet will have services and resources, for instance, templates and other types of technical support that will enable the production of unforgettable save the date postcards.

Hire a Designer
You wouldn't want to skimp on this. Obviously, you can design your postcards, but you'd rather opt for the services of a graphic designer to handle the final touches. Beware that an amateur design could ruin the message you're trying to convey. On the other hand, a good designer will take your chosen theme and help you produce stunning postcards your guests will appreciate.

Remember Etiquette
If you send someone a save the date postcard, he or she should obtain a wedding invitation. Perhaps this is the biggest etiquette tip to keep in mind. The card isn't merely an announcement. It implies that the individual will ultimately be obtaining an actual invitation, which will comprise a specific location, RSVP cards, and other information.

Include a Personal Touch
Including your photo will give it a personalized touch. Nevertheless, you could select from pre-designed templates and customize them to your personality and taste.

Make use of heavy cardstock
While you shouldn't go overboard with paper, it's advisable to use a heavy cardstock for printing out your cards. After all, guests might want to stick the postcard on the refrigerator. If the paper is lightweight, it could tear, rip, or fade. You'll want to select a paper that's over 80 lb. stock. However, don't surpass 160 lb. because it could get jammed in the printer.

Tips for Designing Postcards

Identify a postcard's specification from the postal service

It can be disappointing to create a postcard that you can't mail because it doesn't fit the ordinary postcard specification. To prevent such incidents, visit the local postal office and inquire about the size. When designing a card, work with a team that understands the process.

Content is Crucial
Compelling content will prove beneficial in attracting guests for your occasion. If you're not good with words, consider engaging the aid of a creative person or good writer to convey your message.

A postcard is important in informing friends and loved ones about an upcoming event. If you lack creativity and wish to send memorable pieces, contact Magnet Street.
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