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Vaping during Pregnancy: Myths and Cautions

by Staff Writer
09 Nov 2019 at 10:42hrs | Views
The presence of a little common sense can assure one that vaping and pregnancy can never go hand in hand. Neither electronic device nor nicotine is safe and healthy for a pregnant mother, in turn, the fetus. You can always check out for more details. But like every other thing, some myths have outshone the facts leading women to take much fewer cautions during their pregnant days.

The myths:
One of the greatest misconceptions is that vaping cannot harm your baby. In fact, it does have a very adverse effect on your child in the long run. Such women think that since they aren't smoking a cigarette but vaping it, the impact of the toxic substance will be in a much-decreased percentage. But that is nowhere so.

Vaping isn't as clear as some think it to be. The products of the same contain things like Lead, Diacetyl, Benzene, etc. that work to affect your baby's immune system, heart, lung, etc. Such women have a conception than rather than quit smoking all of a sudden, it is always good to go for vaping, or else the infant may be subjected to nicotine withdrawals.

But this is not at all true, none of this happens as such. Vaping, in no way, excludes the intake of nicotine. You do inhale it in a much less risky manner, but at the time you cannot totally nullify their presence in the e-cigarettes.

The facts:
There are many women who vape some percentage of nicotine as well. The Food and Drug Administration has strictly advised pregnant women to stay away from vaping regardless if it contains nicotine or not.

Not only that there are a number of other chemicals, propellants and additives that primarily act on the brain of the infant and later damages the other organs as well. Yes, vaping cigarettes may indeed be a relatively better option than smoking, but it cannot be said to be totally devoid of any side effects. The higher authorities did not approve of many vaping products.

Yes, vaping is a great deal and that too during your pregnancy. Just because the doctor you are visiting did not confirm or ask you about this, you just can't take it for granted, that it is almost negligible. This process can also form like formaldehyde that keeps high ability in affecting someone with cancer.

The risk before, during and after Pregnancy:

In an initial stage, you can be subjected to situations like miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm delivery, ectopic pregnancy, issues with placenta, low birth weight, congenital disabilities, sudden infant death syndrome, etc. But even if he or she is born without any such conditions, it is always possible that the child may become affected by Asthma, ADHD, Colic, etc. in the long run.

These are just a number of scenarios on all sides of the coin. Even without such detailed knowledge, any educated and literate person will understand the effect of an electronic device and its rays and nicotine on one's health.

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