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What's CBD good for?

by Staff Writer
24 Sep 2019 at 17:00hrs | Views
You've probably seen CBD everywhere lately. CBD products are lining the shelves of health stores, and even more products to explore online. With so many people trying out CBD, you might be inclined to give it a go yourself.
But what is CBD, and what does it do? These are questions you are likely contemplating, and rightly so. Let's find out what CBD is actually good for.

Cannabidiol: The New Super Supplement?
CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it's one of the primary active compounds in the cannabis family of plants. The other primary active compound is THC, a psychoactive ingredient which causes a high when cannabis is consumed. Some people mistakenly believe that CBD is also intoxicating, but they would be wrong.
CBD is entirely non-psychoactive, meaning it causes no high whatsoever. CBD is instead renowned for a potential to help users maintain their general health. Research regarding cannabidiol is still in the early stages, and the jury is out regarding precisely what it can be used for.
Nevertheless, CBD is thought to be safe. In 2017, a detailed report from the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that CBD is safe and non-toxic in humans. As a result, it can be used safely without concern. There are few side effects, and those which sometimes occur are all mild. Side effects include the likes of headaches, nausea, and a dry mouth; all should subside quickly and have no long-lasting implications.
So, CBD is safe and has very few side effects. That makes it a pretty great choice for a supplement. Users often take it in the form of a CBD oil, although there are plenty of CBD products to choose from including capsules and vapes.
Before you go trying Purekana CBD for yourself, though, let's check out some of the common uses.

Common Uses for CBD
CBD is often used as a daily food supplement. It can be taken on its own or with food. Some people like to opt for a holistic approach by combining it with hemp-based foods like hemp seeds.
People take CBD because it can interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), an innate system designed to keep the body in balance. The ECS is crucial to our survival, and it is involved in maintaining several functions ranging from sleep and appetite to mood and pain. It usually works using endocannabinoids, molecules which pass messages around the body to let us know when something is off. In response, various chemical signals fire which allow the body to adapt.
CBD could help the body when it comes to producing endocannabinoids, although scientists aren't yet exactly sure how it works. Having more endocannabinoids, however, is thought to be beneficial for the ECS, which in turn is ideal for general health.
For this reason, users see it as a good idea to take a daily dose of CBD. This dose can be reasonably small, somewhere in the range of 5-25mg per day. You can take the dose at any time of day, although some people find that taking it in the morning is an excellent start to the day; taking a supplement first thing sets a good premise for your schedule.
Another common use for CBD is to incorporate it into a fitness regime. CBD is proving popular with athletes and gym rats who are all about keeping up with the latest health trends. It's pretty easy to fit CBD in with a gym routine, taking it either pre- or post-workout. In this case, CBD products like topicals are sometimes better.
There are some more specific reasons why people use CBD, but the scientific evidence to back up these claims is currently in the early stages. As such, more research will need to be done to say what CBD is good for definitively. For now, it appears to be an excellent daily supplement that supports general health.

Final Thoughts: What's CBD Good for?
CBD is becoming a popular supplement. Many users take a single, small dose each day as an easy way to stay on top of their wellbeing. There are many reported uses for CBD, but by far the best reason to take it is simply as an excellent general supplement. It's a good idea to take a dose of CBD in the morning, evening, or close to a workout.
As research trickles out, we might become more clued up about the specific uses for CBD. The future for this supplement seems bright, but only time will tell how far it can reach.

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