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All You Require To Know About Terpene Diluents and Flavorless Thickener

by Staff Writer
14 Aug 2019 at 07:04hrs | Views
Your THC vape juice is nothing without a quality terpene diluent or thickener. Both of them play a huge role in preparing wax and distillates to become THC vape juice. Without them, it is impossible to experience all the benefits that THC holds.

Nonetheless, should you use them both at the same time? Are there any differences? Because many beginners could have this question in mind, we will give you everything you need to know about diluents and thickeners in this article.
Imagine a world without terpenes
Fundamentally, it is next to impossible. Terpenes are essential organic compounds that plants need. Some of them require it for scent. That smell can attract insects to the plant to encourage pollination. On the other hand, it is a powerful protector for others.

Marijuana also contains terpenes. These chemical compounds hide within the leaves. How you nurture the plant determines how much terpenes are present within the plant. However, with the extraction of THC, the heating processes typically affect the overall taste and nature of the THC.

By the time it becomes a concentrate in the form of wax or distillate, few, or no, terpenes remain. Thus, they become tasteless. For that reason, you can infuse the concentrates with other terpene modes.

Types of terpenes
When you go to the retailers, generalizing the terpene product you want could mislead you. That is because there are different terpenes types. All of them play distinct roles. It is crucial to know the different types of terpenes you will meet in the market.

 Diluents and Thickeners
Both of them are suitable for THC vape juice. Diluents are terpene solutions that you use to convert THC concentrates into vape juice without diluting the amount of THC percentage in them. When preparing the wax or distillate, you will need to place the right amounts in them to get a balanced blend.

Thickeners, on the other hand, seem to have a different purpose. Imagine when you buy a pre-filled cartridge. Because it may have a thickness not fit for your needs, you will require a thickener.

With a quality one, two drops will be enough to thicken the entire solution at once. It will also save your battery charge since the coil is in contact with the whole vape juice.

Despite their difference in purpose, both should provide the same qualities. That is infusing the wax or distillate with an appropriate flavor and scent. It should also ensure a consistency fit for your vape pen.

Flavored or the flavorless option?
Since terpenes are plant extracts, you should expect a flavor in them. However, you will also come across a variety of terpene products that do not have any taste. There are several reasons why a flavorless option could work for you.

One, if you like to maintain the overall scent and taste of the THC vape juice while adding the thickener or diluent, then a flavorless option could be best. The flavored option could tamper with it, especially if they are different.

Additionally, a flavorless thickener and diluent is also suitable for people who would like to feel the cannabis taste they would experience when dabbing or smoking weed. By the way, some people love the natural taste of cannabis; therefore, any other flavor that interferes with it lowers their vaping experience.

Working with the flavored option
Flavored THC vape juice is beneficial in its unique way. You should not ignore its impact on your THC vape juice. For it to function well, you should add the right mixing ratios. With that, you will be able to achieve a balanced flavor.

The scented options also make the vapor discreet. If you are in an area where THC is illegal, then you can even vape in public without anybody noticing. The cannabis smell can be irritating to some. Besides that, flavored terpenes eliminate the after taste that the vape juice would leave if you vaped it alone.

Final Thoughts
Because it is a flooded market, choosing the right terpene diluent or thickener can be a challenge. That, however, calls for vigilance and extra care. With the right kind of information and research, you can overcome this difficulty.

Using both diluents and thickeners in the right way is mandatory. Inappropriate proportions typically cause damage to the THC vape juice. Even if proper preparation techniques develop over time, you must learn to use your mixing calculator to avoid making the wrong mixing decisions.

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