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An authentic food tour in Tokyo

by Staff Reporter
23 Jan 2020 at 16:18hrs | Views
The famous and busy capital of Japan, Tokyo, carries the traditional as well as ultramodern side to it. There is a lot to do and explore in the teeming with historic temples, public gardens, shopping areas, and neon-lit skyscrapers.

If planning a trip to Tokyo, you are sure to come across a large number of flights to Tokyo, that only point to the growing number of tourists and travelers to the city. After all, Tokyo is on the bucket list of every traveler who wants to experience Tokyo, its sites, and food to the full. Take advantage of scoot flight tickets to plan a great trip to Tokyo and enjoy a seamless experience when booking and managing your flights. Enjoy peace of mind that you are getting the best flights to Tokyo and at the lowest possible fares.

The best way to know and understand Tokyo is via its food and experience the rich & unique food culture of the capital. Why not eat like a local in Tokyo and be more familiar with its food and culture? Here is a brief guide on how to go about with a food trip in Tokyo.

Tokyo food trip

Enter the lantern-lit alleyways, retro izakaya bars, and food halls in the basements under the guidance of a food guide who can help you look around. Head for the central district that is brimming with regional flavors from across Japan and is famous as a food hub.

 - The ramen experience - Try unusual varieties of ramen that you never knew existed, and you can ask for coffee ramen, coffee-flavored noodles with as ice-cream or parmesan cheese. Then there's blue ramen prepared from bright blue chicken broth. Or enjoy the modern tsukemen ramen where the broth and the noodles are served separately.

 - The sushi experience - With so many sushi restaurants to choose from, you are sure to remain spoiled for choices when it comes to testing sushi. There are endless street-side vendors or high-end sushi joints service the Seafood art in Japan. You can indulge a variety of different sushi made from specially-grown ingredients that are sure to take your taste buds to a whole new level.

 - The Sake experience - You must taste the delicious Japanese brew serves at the finest rice wine establishments. Learn the difference between the different varieties of Sake, such as the simpler Honjozo-shu or, the more complex and layered Daiginjo-shu. Let your host teach you the etiquette of drinking Sake, along with the appetizers like yakitori chicken skewers and edamame beans.

 - The unusual experience - Discover unique street foods like Dango or try the delicious fried chicken of konbini supermarket with regional Sake. Try those new dishes that you may never have seen or have heard of and eat at local izakaya where very few tourists get the chance to go to as they are afraid of their lack of Japanese language skills. Enjoy unusual soft drinks as well as regional Sake from vending machines in the street.

 - The Bar hopping experience – One of the most popular and trendy activities to enjoy while in Tokyo is hopping from one bar to another and check out some new drinks. Bar hopping has become one of the hottest nightlife activities here, and one must try out the real drinking culture of Japan. Today, it is looked upon as a normal nightlife among locals that can keep them busy the whole night. Some of the most popular areas include Omoide Yokocho, Niku Yokocho, and Hoppy Street. The foreign visitors find it interesting to visit the Old fashion Japanese Izakaya.

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