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How not to give up on healthy lifestyle at college

by Staff Writer
07 Nov 2019 at 10:21hrs | Views
When you're in college, it's easy to let your healthy regimen fall by the wayside. You have a lot on your plate, often too much to stop to think what you're doing to your health and your body. College life makes it easier than ever to find excuses not to work out, eat a healthy breakfast, or get a good night's sleep.

Being in college doesn't mean that you can't keep yourself healthy while studying hard. In fact, if you live a healthier life and maintain this type of a routine in college, it will give you the focus and energy you need to study effectively, as well as increase your self-esteem at a very significant period of your life.

This being said, I'm presenting you with some of the best ideas on how to live a healthy lifestyle while in college.

1. Get Enough Sleep
When I was in college, I often chose to pull all-nighters to study just so I can go out with friends or attend a party. Or, I was too busy procrastinating my studying that in the end, I had no time to finish everything before the actual exam. So basically, I didn't have time to sleep.

Whatever your reason, your sleep simply can't be the thing that you eliminate. You need at least seven hours of sleep every night to maintain your health and keep yourself energized. The less you sleep, the less focused you'll be. Studying will be harder and much less effective, so what's the point of all-nighters, really?

If you want to leave a healthy lifestyle, get rid of the idea that you can eliminate sleep from your schedule. Set a fine sleep routine and stick to it, regardless of anything else.

2. Wash Your Hands
Something as simple and short-timed as this can make all the difference in terms of your health. In college, you can't stay at home just because it's flu season. To avoid getting sick and simply remain healthy throughout the year, wash your hands as often as possible. It quickly turns into a habit and won't really take any of your time.

3. Get Rid of Nasty Habits
Nasty habits like drinking and smoking are your worst enemy, especially now when you need all your health and energy to finish your studies. One of the best healthy tips you'll ever get, even when you are older, is to quit smoking and drinking.

4. Find Time to Relax
College will quickly turn into one of the most stressful periods of your life. Too much stress is bad for your health, which is why you must use every chance you get to relax and refuel. Take breaks in between studying, take the night off instead of going to another party, and learn to delegate when you become too tired.

If your schedule does not allow you to relax, find someone to help you with your assignments. The service is known for aiding students when they lack the time or feel overwhelmed, so don't be afraid to delegate some of your work to get the well-deserved rest.

5. Avoid Caffeine
Caffeine is often the best friend of students who need to stay up late to study. In college, it's very easy to get addicted to caffeine, which is not good for your body or health at all. A cup every day is perfectly fine and even healthy, but if you turn this into a consistent habit, it will only ruin your quality of sleep and badly affect your health.

So, try to consume as little caffeine as you can. Find an alternative to keep you awake, like some tea or exercise.

6. Exercise
With so many types of exercise, can you afford not to take up on something? You can do exercise at the gym, run around the block, and even open YouTube to do some light aerobics at home. There's no excuse when it comes to exercise, not when you only need 15 minutes of your daily time to get in an exercise routine. You can use this as a study break, exercise to wake up in the morning, or get yourself tired before you go to sleep.

7. Drink Plenty of Water
Instead of all those sugary drinks and coffee you're constantly consuming, have a bottle of water handy at all times. Stay hydrated all the time – it's what keeps your body strong and cleanses it from all the toxins.

Final Thoughts
The only secret for living a healthy life is to keep yourself focused on the most important thing – your health. You don't have to push yourself over the limit to work on your health. Small steps that you'll turn into a routine are the best way to get through those exhausting college years.

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Emma Rundle is a fitness instructor and a wellness advisor. Her job is to help people get back into shape and find a way to form a healthy lifestyle routine. On her blog and in her articles online, you'll learn some tricks and tips that will keep your health and self-esteem at their peak.
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