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Dan Tshanda robbed in Botswana

by Bongani Ndlovu
04 Aug 2016 at 06:47hrs | Views
POPULAR disco band, Splash had some of their musical equipment stolen and vandalised by an angry crowd at a show in Botswana after a 20-minute power outage last Friday.

Band leader, Dan Tshanda said after performing a couple of songs, there was a power outage which forced his band to abort the performance and leave the stage. While he was trying to figure out what had gone wrong, looters took advantage of the situation and grabbed anything they could get hold of.

Tshanda described the incident as an act of sabotage.

Facebook post

"What happened at Maun was pure sabotage. On Saturday an anonymous person called me and said some people had been sent to disturb our shows.

"I went to Maun well prepared to entertain our beloved fans and also changed the playlist to please them. I never thought the devil that doesn't want peace and love to prevail, had his plans," said Tshanda.

He said during the power outages some made their way backstage where they looted keyboards, watches and cellphones.

"It's a pity hardly five minutes in trying to solve the problem, all hell broke loose. People started looting our equipment and private belongings such as watches and cellphones. They stole all our instruments, so for the next show in Gantsi I had to buy new equipment."

As a result, their Saturday show in Gantsi saw Splash performing with backup tracks.

Tshanda said he was grateful that no one was hurt in the debacle adding that he would rise again.

"I'm a champion, I was born a champion. They'll never take me down and they're just like vultures waiting for me to trip. They'll never succeed, I always push myself to the limit, to make sure I stay on top. Go Splash mane," said Tshanda.

The group is still in Botswana for a nationwide tour to commemorate that country's 50th Independence celebrations. The tour will end next month.

Source - chronicle

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